8000 downloads of the “LiveFallas2015” app, for the Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain


The Live Fallas mobile app developed within the FIcontent project for the Spanish “Fallas” festival, in Valencia, March 15-19 has been a great success with around 8000 downloads. The app integrated several enablers (Fusion Engine, POIProxy, OCDB and Recommendation Engine) from the FIContent2 Smart City platform area.

With this mobile app, available both for Android and iOS, every citizen and tourist in Valencia during this event was able to discover and locate Fallas, as well as related news, events and social activity, to better enjoy the Festival. They could easily search the closest, most rated or best awarded Falla to visit, and even show the path to follow on GoogleMaps on their mobile screen. Users could actively participate including comments, ratings, photos and check-ins for each Falla.

Real time social information has been of special interest to analyse how the activity carried out in multiple social networks (Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, etc.) maps to specific areas in the city of Valencia where special events were taking place (e.g. Mascletas and fireworks). Thus users were able to easily locate real time hot areas in the city of Valencia.

The app was promoted by local FIcontent partners Prodevelop and the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia and the collaboration of the City Council of Valencia. Indeed, the Fallas app was presented as a successful story in local FIWARE promotion and dissemination activities at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia.

Following this experiment, Prodevelop and the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia have written a paper to ICME 2015. Their work has been accepted and will be available soon on our website.