All FIcontent partners meet in Berlin


All FIcontent partners have participated in a plenary meeting held on July 2-3 in the premises of Fraunhofer FOKUS in Berlin. A total of 45 participants representing the 18 companies and research centers involved in the FIcontent initiative have spent these two days assessing the progress made since their “kick-off meeting” of April 16-18 in Paris and discussing the planning of activities to be undertaken in the next three months. The overall status of the activities was unanimously considered as very satisfactory, all of them developing according to the overall work plan and no particular areas of concern being noted. The progress made in particular on the preparation of the Open Call should allow an effective launch by the end of September 2013. A good progress can be reported as well regarding the development of the three platforms (social connected TV, smart city services, and pervasive games). A set of demos of innovative applications and services already enabled by these platforms had been prepared by several partners and were presented during the meeting. The participation of FIcontent partners at the 2013 NEM Summit (Nantes, Oct. 28-30) and in the ICT 2013 event (Vilnius, Nov. 6-8) will allow a fruitful interaction with external stakeholders, particularly SMEs and developers interested in using the FIcontent platforms and benefitting from funding opportunities provided by the Open Call. In a concluding address, Henri Fourdeux from Technicolor, FIcontent coordinator, congratulated the group for the work done so far and invited them to keep their momentum and their very good team spirit in order that FIcontent can fully reach its objectives.