An app on iTunes based on the FIcontent pervasive game platform


The FIcontent initiative is proud to announce the first Augmented Reality Technology app showcasing the Pervasive Games Platform potential! Skye Wars app allows an immersive experience and a multiplayer mobile gaming: an excellent demonstrator of the playful side of Europe’s future Internet. Project SKYE merges an advanced tracking system with augmented reality launched to enhance the SKYE experience at Siggraph 2013 Computer Animation Festival (July 21-25 -Anheim). The project is powered by Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Disney Research Zurich.…Year 3141 PI… Solar System …Elliptic Orbit 59: fight to defend the Human Conglomerate against an unknown invasion force. Join the program called Project Skye: a defense unit, capable of intercepting enemy incursions over short distances. The invaders may appear anywhere. Can the project Skye save humanity? Point your camera at the moon (or any other single colored object) and witness an epic battle to defend the humanity: shoot the enemy star ships with the Skye laser and see who can get the highest score. But watch out for friendly fire! Skye Wars is now available on the App Store.