ARvatar: raising awareness on environmental issues using serious gaming with FIcontent

AR App for environment issues

FIcontent partner DunavNET is proud to announce a pre-release of the ARvatar serious game aiming to raise awareness on air pollution and other environmental issues using Augmented Reality.

The ARvatar game is built on top of the FIcontent – FIWARE enablers : ARTool and SLAMflex (Specific Enablers) developed by DunavNET that have joined the project through the open call. The ARTool SE provides Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution offering features and functionalities for creating and deploying AR applications using simple and intuitive drag&drop interface requiring no programming knowledge. By extending the ARTool platform with the ekoNET IoT service DunavNET has been able to use real-time environmental data within AR mobile applications as well as to address visualization of the IoT data in an engaging way, utilizing serious gaming and AR technologies.

The ARvatar game is focused around avatar that the user selects at the start of the game. The avatar can be visualised through the AR view once the appropriate markers are detected, with image markers or using the SLAMflex SE (Specific Enabler) markerless tracking. The appearance of the avatar is influenced by the information received from the ekoNET service in real-time (currently only temperature and CO2 concentration are used). Once the avatar is visualised, the player can guess the real values of the temperature and CO2 concentration based on the avatar appearance which are then compared with the true values and the score is determined. The closer the guess is, the more points are awarded.

The IoT concept envisions smart environments connecting with the citizens and shaping the cities around the world by offering smart services and concepts, hoping to increase the quality of life in these cities. Connecting the environments with people requires an interface with rich user experience able to engage the users and present the relevant information to achieve great goals. This is what DunavNET is working towards with this FIWARE based serious game creation.

ARtool GUI

ARTool – GUI