Augmented Reality “AR Treasure Hunt” developed with FIcontent FIWARE Enablers

Treasure Hunt AR game

We are glad to announce today the release of a new augmented reality game based on the FIcontent FIWARE technologies. “AR Treasure Hunt” is a scavenger hunting in the city of Zürich, Switzerland, developed by Tizian Zeltner (ETH Zürich), Fabio Zünd (ETH Zürich) and Mattia Ryffel (Disney Research Zürich). Treasure Hunt is funny city guide with simple AR puzzles to solve, for Zürich citizens and visitors. A leaderboard functionality will allow players to see their rank among all the community.

The game will officially be available in late December 2014, but a preview version has been released already, under the framework of the Ludicious game Festival.

AR Treasure Hunt uses the FIcontent FIWARE Specific Enablers from the Pervasive Games Platform, such as Leaderboard SE, Augmented Reality SE, POI Interface SE, Reality Mixer SE.

Stay tuned to discover where to download the game. In the meantime, you can watch the following short trailer.