Brand new solutions for FIcontent… from Art and Tech collaboration

Art Tech Hackathon

Sometimes innovative solutions take a short time to be realised: FI content consortium was astonished by the great results achieved in 24 hours during the Art + Tech Hackathon. The event, organized in the framework of the project ICT & Art Connect, took place on the 29-30 October during the NEM Summit in Nantes. Artists, bio-hackers, designers and developers coming mainly from Nantes and London had the chance to work in multidisciplinary teams with the underlying purpose of investigating Art and ICT collaboration potential. FI content offered for the occasion 5 challenges based on the three platforms, which were raised up to 7 during the evaluation process because of the high quality of the projects developed by the participants. The project wiki and enablers were made available to all teams interested in working on the three platforms technologies, while NEMart and Wiki-art respectively offered two other challenges. Some of the awarded projects are considered so interesting that FI content partners look forward for future developments.

The challenges offered and the relative awarded projects are:

  • Pervasive Games – ‘AR Sign Battle’ + a special ‘runner up’ prize of 500 € for ‘Who’s who’ and ‘On the Fridge’;
  • Open City Database – ‘Linguify’;
  • Smart City Guide – ‘Smarty’;
  • Hybrid City – ‘Hear the City’;
  • Social Connected TV – ‘Viewers’: Jérémy Héno, Jérémy Barre, Quentin Villeret and Aurélien Trichereau won the “Social Connected TV Challenge” for their concept of the TV companion app “Viewers”. The students from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique dealed with the question how FIcontent enablers can help to improve the viewers experience whilst watching TV. The foreseen app allows for example to share emotions on the programme content, to take/edit screenshots and video snippets. During the 24h Hackathon, they created a video clip explaining a set of features they came up with in a story board. Click here to view the demo clip.



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