Discover about the FIcontent enablers and FIC2Lab in Barcelona – March 5-6


The FIcontent project is happy to invite you to an open day centred on the demos of our FIWARE Specific Enablers dedicated to media & content, and the deployment of these Enablers via the brand new FIC2Lab.

Layered on top of FIWARE Lab and hosted in the Brittany node, FIC2Lab assembles the main technical results of FIcontent together with usage examples and support resources (FAQs, forum). The FIC2Lab Playground, geared towards the needs of developers, allows quick and easy testing and tweaking of the software modules either independently, combined with other FIcontent enablers or with FIWARE Generic Enablers. The presentation of the enablers and the FIC2Lab environment will be on March 5th afternoon.

On March 6th, the FI-PPP “Phase 3” projects, tasked with spreading the FIWARE initiative, will be here to participate in the knowledge transfer session organized by our partner I2Cat. This session is geared towards the needs of creative developers and SMEs, and Phase 3 projects will briefly present their plans for supporting this target community. This session will also be the occasion for the launch of a hackathon targeting media-related challenges, the “Apps&Cultura 2015” competition, organised by ICUB (Insitute of Culture of Barcelona).

The event will take place between Thursday March 5th to Friday March 6th, in Barcelona, at the Barcelona museum of design.