Examples of applications created with the FIWARE Media & Content enablers

Smart City Guide

This Smart City Guide is a cross platform mobile web application that provides tourists local information and tools for their sightseeing. The smart city guide makes use of the open touristic data provided by several cities involved in the Open Cities project. It stores touristic data such as user generated data or data from DBpedia and enables visualisation of points of interests, e.g. on a Google map, a gallery or a list. The Smart City Guide uses the Open City Data Base (OCDB) Specific Enabler.








AR Pix


AR Pix is a mobile application that allows users to take pictures with virtual characters, thanks to a marker in the image. AR Pix has been developed and used for research purposes, and tested at various occasions, including in the Grand Central Station in New York City (USA) in 2014. It uses various Specific Enablers: Reality Mixer – Reflection Mapping, Reality Mixer – Camera Artifact Rendering, Leaderboard.


Interactive multi-screen content for HbbTV


Content enrichment can be used to create interactive video content. This cross platform solution (HTML, HbbTV, iOS, Android, CE-HTML and Mediaroom) brings clickable video content to Smart-TVs, Smartphones, Tablets and PCs. It links any media content to video objects and can be used by professionals, communities and single users. It includes media and text Annotation, object-based media discovery and cross-video navigation. It uses the Content Enrichment and the Second Screen Framework Specific Enablers.







Augmented Resistance - An augmented reality board game


Augmented Resistance is an AR board game where the player has to defend a territory attacked by aliens. A tablet displays a 3D environment based on the 2D markers from the board. A light probe is used to generate the lighting of the scene. The leaderboard Enabler is also used in this app to display high scores.


Gnome Trader - A city-wide game

Gnome Trader is a city-wide location-aware Augmented Reality resource-trading game. Players can buy and sell food to gnomes hidden in newspaper boxes all around a city. Gardener gnomes produce food and sell it to the players at a dynamic price. Gnome families are waiting for the players to bring them food and will pay more as their storage gets low. Players will level up by finding new gnomes and trading. The virtual money earned in the game can be used to buy upgrades, such as a bigger bag to be able to carry more resources at once and resulting in a better trading efficiency. An online leaderboard also enables players to compare to each other. Gnome trader was developed by Milan Bombsch (ETH Zurich).


gnome-trader-3gnome-trader-2gnome-trader -1


StackAR - Block stacking game

This block stacking game won the 1st prize at the 2014 AR game hackathon in Zürich, organised by ETH, with the participation of Disney research Zurich and DFKI. In this game, you have to stack as many objects as possible to try to reach the high score. The game, called StackAR, was developed by Janina Woods and Sebastian Tobler.

Movie recommendation

This app is meant to suggest users various movies based on their tastes, by different means. A first option for the user is to select a movie to get similar suggestions. A second option is to create your own receipe (e.g. 50% thrill, 50% drama), then to get a list of movies that fit these criteria.

movie recommendation


ARvatar1 ARvatar2 ARvatar3


ARvatar - A serious game to raise awareness on environmental issues

The ARvatar game is focused around avatar that the user selects at the start of the game. The avatar can be visualised through the AR view once the appropriate markers are detected, with image markers or using the SLAMflex SE (Specific Enabler) markerless tracking. The appearance of the avatar is influenced by the information received from the ekoNET service in real-time (currently only temperature and CO2 concentration are used). Once the avatar is visualised, the player can guess the real values of the temperature and CO2 concentration based on the avatar appearance which are then compared with the true values and the score is determined. The closer the guess is, the more points are awarded.

A Social Network for the Carnival of Cologne

This simple social network created for the Cologne Carnival in 2014 is a simple demonstration of the Social Network Enabler, which is a set of software modules to create a social network. At the carnival, a group of students were able to communicate and share photos in real time, using their personal social network. The Social Network Enabler offers 3 different views : a “classic” status view, a map view, to locate the posts, and a timeline view, which is fully zoomable. The FIWARE Media & Content Lab offers more information about this Enabler.


Skye Wars - An AR game available on itunes

An unknown invasion force has entered the Solar system, home of the Human Conglomerate. Powered by hyper-drives engines, these battleships can break through space and attack undefended locations at any time. Their goal remains unknown. The HC has launched a program called Project Skye: a defense unit, capable of intercepting enemy incursions over short distances. The invaders may appear anywhere. Can the project Skye save humanity? Project SKYE merges an advanced tracking system with augmented reality launched to enhance the SKYE experience at Siggraph 2013 Computer Animation Festival. Point your camera at the moon (or any other single colored object) and witness an epic battle to defend the humanity!!! Shoot the enemy star ships with the Skye laser and see who can get the highest score. But watch out for friendly fire!

AR Travellers

AR Travellers is a multiplayer augmented reality game where players can prevent the aliens from invading our dimension! By moving your ipad around a 3D marker (a cube), players can see the doors and destroy them before aliens reach the teleport.




Spider Demo

This Spider game is a technical demo of various gaming and Augmented Reality Enablers developed by the FIcontent project partners. By tapping their tablet screen, players can send rockets on a big spider that really seems to be on the table. Watch the spider demo video on Youtube.

AR Skyline - Hector the Vector

In a world made of pixels, a terrible crime has happened, but there is still a hero that stands his ground: Hector the vector. Just start the game, take a look around, then collect the scattered pixels, watching out for Hector’s evil minions. Reach the flag to complete a level, and compete online with other players via leaderboard. Save your friends and the pixel world! The game has been developed by Isabelle Rösch (ETH Zurich).


AR Sign Battle

AR Sign Battle is a collection of mini games playable through your city, using road sign. Each sign is linked to a game and a score table. Whenever you are waiting or wandering, just start the app, scan a sign, and have fun to beat other peoples’ score. Each sign is unique thanks to its geolocalisation. this way, you can “conquer” signs by scoring high, and rule over the signs of your neighbourhood.

m2oCity - Adam

Adam is an application developed by eBusiness Information for the company m2o, working with the Veolia energy group. It uses crowdsourced opendata from OpenDataSoft (ODS Enabler) to display the noise level of your city at different locations. The application is available on the Google App Store, the Apple Store, and is currently being deployed in multiple cities. Thanks to DesignMyApp, each deployment is a one-click deployment. Using the App Generator (DesignMyApp technology), you only need to provide the new content (images, textual-content, etc.) and click on a button to deploy the custom backend on OpenDataSoft, create both Android and iOS apps, and have them ready for deployment.

adam-m2o1 adam-m2o2 adam-m2o3


TV Predictor app - RTV

The TV Predictor app, by RTV, uses the Recommendation as a Service enabler to personalize program recommendations based on the customers watch behavior. The app introduces an approach that allows for obtaining personalized program recommendations without leaving the comfortable lean back position. Based on the customers watch behaviour the HbbTV compliant SmartTV itself tells us what the viewer is going to favour. Hints and details will overlay the broadcasting signal and so the user will get predictions in appropriate situations, for instance the most suitable movies playing tonight.

Monster Rift - AR Game

Monster Rift is a multiplayer city-wide augmented reality game. Players just need to find a marker in the city (e.g. in a train station), they can then grab their phone and play with their deck of monsters against any other player in the area. The winner of the fight gains experience. this game was developed during the Barcelona hackathon organised in 2014 by FIcontent.

AR boats

AR ships

The AR ships game, developed during the Zürich AR Hackathon 2014, by Philomena Naomi Om-Chanti Schwab, Markus Martin Rosse and Sasa Tomic, is a stacking game, where each player owns a container ship and tries to load it by drag and dropping containers, being careful!


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