FI-PPP at CAPS2014: synergies with the civic tech movement


FIcontent and other FI-PPP projects were present at a dedicated roundtable during the CAPS2014 event (July 1-2, Brussels). The two-day event was made of CAPS OFF – an interactive day with 15 workshops and roundtables, networking sessions and a BarCamp – and a CAPS Conference held in a busy De Gasperi’s room at the European Commission. During CAPS OFF we found ourselves in front of a new public, differently engaged in CAPS (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation), and the impact was incredibly promising. XI-FI, FIAdopt and FIcontent were there to bridge CAPS and FI-PPP: how can the Future Internet architecture under development in the FI-PPP programme can contribute to social innovation and in general to a better world?

If we look at FIcontent, this connection just waits to be exploited. The smart cities platform can give life to new civil application to engage citizens in local decisions; the augmented reality one can illustrate the consequences of a non-sustainable lifestyle; the Smart TV system can facilitate fact-checking and open journalism. With almost 300 attendees the CAPS2014 event was a great occasion to disseminate FIcontent results and make them available for new civic applications.


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