FIcontent technologies demonstrated in Berlin at the 4th Media Web Symposium

MWS2014 - FIcontent

Fraunhofer FOKUS hosted the 4th Media Web Symposium during the 8-9th of May in Berlin. More than 170 participants came from all over the world to experience lots of inspiring conversations and debates at the event, and enjoyed their stay in Berlin. Exciting and interesting speeches took place in course of the two days event, and guests and hosts are now looking forward to projects, research topics and new ideas. A lot of information about the event is available through the #FOKUSMWS hashtag.

As part of the exhibition area, FOKUS presented FIcontent results from Social connected TV platform and  Smart City Services platform in terms of the multi-screen HbbTV app for interactive content. The app uses the Second Screen Framework Specific Enabler, developed by IRT to extend interactive content offered by RBB, which is served by FOKUS’ Content Enrichment Specific Enabler. In addition, FOKUS demonstrated the latest version of the Smart City Guide HTML5 app using the Open City Database SE, and received very positive feedback on the applications and the planned experimentations in Berlin.

Fraunhofer FOKUS will be hosting the 5th Media Web Symposium next year 2015, and will be delighted to welcome new stakeholders to next year’s event in order to exchange new thoughts and developments in the field of research, development and industry.

Fraunhofer FOKUS thanks all their guests and participants for their contribution and participation in the 4th Media Web Symposium 2014.


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