FIcontent based Augmented reality games demonstrated at Barcelona Connect: the creative citizen


Two FIcontent based augmented reality games will be demonstrated next week at Barcelona Connect: the creative citizen, an event organized through the “ICT & ART Connect” initiative by Sigma Orionis and the Barcelona Lab, that sets out to bring together artists and technologists to explore new ways of working.

The two FIcontent Pervasive Gaming applications “Augmented Resistance” and “Spider Game Demo” will be presented by FIcontent partner I2Cat on the Thursday 20th afternoon.

In the Augmented Resistance demo, a physical tower on the center of a board must be defended against hordes of virtual characters in augmented reality. In this application, the augmentation of traditional board games with the help of mobile devices is explored. AR Tracking is used to situate the device with respect to the board. Real objects are mixed with virtual ones. A light-probe system is used to capture the light of the environment, and uses it to illuminate the virtual content, obtaining a better matching of the virtual elements to the real ones.

In the Spider Game Demo, a picture on a table or ground is augmented with a virtual simulated spider character crawling on it. Multiple players, each having a unique view of the game through their handheld devices, share the state of the spider. The application takes advantage of today’s web technologies on mobile devices to augment the camera image based on the marker, mix it with a virtual character and perform efficient scene updates across multiple devices.

Come and bring your friends.


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