FIcontent engages with startups during Tech Open Air in Berlin (August 1-2, 2013 – Berlin)

FIcontent engages with startups during Tech Open Air (August 1-2, 2013 – Berlin)

Often, simple ideas and their excellent execution are the backbone of new and successful startups. But only few startups build their success on innovative and research-intensive technologies. Yet, such technologies can play a significant role as real gold nuggets for both investors and founders – after all, they can hardly be copied. To support the use of research-driven technologies Fraunhofer FOKUS and Fraunhofer IAIS brought FIcontent technologies to a very special event in August 2013 – the Startup Breakfast / Digital Media during the Tech Open Air in Berlin: Organized by Fraunhofer ICT Group, the goal of the event was to match ideas and technologies, discover common interests and think about joint R&D projects. For that purpose, Robert Kleinfeld and Natalie Nik-Nafs from Fraunhofer FOKUS gave insightful information on non-linear video and Web technologies based on HTML 5. Michael Eble and Angelika Pauer from Fraunhofer IAIS demonstrated new media applications of open platforms for Social TV. Fruitful discussions with about 40 participants resulted in important insight from the vibrant startup scene in Berlin, their requirements for new technologies and possible value propositions of those technologies in different business models. In addition to that, Christoph Raethke from Berlin Startup Academy and Ralph Eric Kunz from venture capitalist Catagonia Capital shared their experiences and impressions when turning innovative technologies into successful startups.