FIcontent experimented at the Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain

Valencia Fallas

At the occasion of the Spanish “Fallas” festival, in Valencia, March 15-19, FIcontent will showcase a special application to promote the Smart City Services platform capabilities.

The festival takes place during the entire four days, including nights, and the whole city is crowded with citizens and tourists; it is a big opportunity to test FIcontent technologies at large scale. Local FIcontent partner Prodevelop (with the collaboration of Universitat Politecnica de Valencia) has therefore signed a MoU with the city council of Valencia to collaborate and spread the use of an app developed as use case for the Smart City platform.

The “Fallas 2015” is a smartphone app (iOS or Android) that everyone will be able to download. It will be possible to discover Fallas related monuments and events around a certain area as points of interest on a georeferenced map, being able to get detailed information or even participating with comments, likes and checkins.

Moreover, the “Fallas 2015” app is innovative in the way it provides users access to real time social data. Thus users will be able to locate on a map which are the most active areas in terms of social activity; by means of comments, photos and tweets users have real time news about what’s going on the different places, Fallas monuments and local festivals in the whole city. Besides, they are also engaged to participate in a contest through the app providing their own comments.

Valencia city celebrates each year the final days of the winter and the arrival of spring with spectacular fires and pyrotechnics. From March 15 to 19 (the feast of Saint Joseph, day of the father in the whole country), Valencia is given over to a carnival of bonfires, fiesta, fireworks and a healthy dose of satire known as Las Fallas.