FIcontent final review in Brussels

After a 31-month collaboration between our 28 partners, FIcontent has ended in October 2015. Over this period, the consortium has produced a series of FIWARE enablers to foster European innovative web SMEs in the areas of Social Connected TV, Smart City Services and Pervasive Games. « All the developments have been nice and good » said the project reviewers in Brussels yesterday, emphasizing the « very good » dissemination of the project as well as the quality and « huge » number of experimentations across Europe. Some of the project developments have already found their way to the market through products and service offers, or has led to the emergence of standards (for instance in HbbTV). Besides the 36 scientific publications and 11 patents generated through the project, several results are also open source and already serve the European developers community. Most of the work can be found on the FIWARE Media & Content lab and on the FIcontent wiki. FIcontent’s work is over, but the FI-PPP Phase 3 ‘accelerator’ projects are taking up the torch of FIWARE towards the Enablers spreading across Europe.