FIcontent’s legacy to FIWARE

At the end of October 2015, the FIcontent FP7 project will come to an end, leaving behind a great legacy to the FIWARE community.

First of all, 24 FIWARE Enablers for Media and content have been delivered, passing various success criteria. Those 24 enablers, among which most are open source, cover 3 major domains of application: Social Connected TV, Smart City Services and Pervasive Games.

One online portal has been set up: the FIWARE Media & Content Lab. This website allows any developer to test, develop and run applications that embed or use FIWARE Media & content enablers.

To date, over 20 Apps and 80 SMEs are using FIWARE Media & Content Enablers. The FIcontent website has been visited over 70000 times, by more than 40000 unique visitors. Since it has been released in June 2015, over 1000 hours have been spent by web visitors on the FIWARE Media & Content Lab. The FIcontent YouTube Channel counts over 10000 views, and we have 200 Facebook likes and 700 twitter followers, who are regularly updated with FIWARE Media & Content news and opportunities.

The 28 FIcontent partners have been collaborating for 31 months towards providing and supporting the most advanced FIWARE media & content enablers, for European SMEs and developers. Over 50 project deliverables have been written, as well as more than 15 scientific publications and patents.

Having attended some international events, such as CeBIT, Eurographics, SIGGRAPH, ECFI or NEM Summit, FIcontent have been showcased properly in the media world over the past two years.

Regarding the 3 FIcontent platforms (Social Connected TV, Smart City Services and Pervasive Games), promising figures testify the quality of the FIWARE technologies developed within FIcontent.


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Social Connected TV

6 FIWARE enablers have been developed for Social Connected TV (Audio Mining, Content Enrichment, Content Optimisation, HbbTV Application Layer (HAT), Second Screen Framework, TV Application Layer (TAL).

Since the start of FI-PPP phase 3, FIcontent partners have contributed to over 8 events to support FI-PPP accelerators, in Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

A few weeks ago, one excellent best practice guide has been released, for Social Connected TV developers to get started developing with FIWARE enablers for Media & content.

To date, at least 9 applications and/or national and regional broadcasters are using FIWARE Social Connected TV enablers: ARD-EPG , ARD Mediathek (national broadcast service), Fall of the Wall, Interactive Car Advertising, Interactive Football Match, rbbtext (regional broadcast service), VideoCloud, Vision, BBC’s iPlayer…

In particular, 4 FIWARE Media & Content enablers are used in broadcast services: Second Screen Framework (rbb-text (regional), ARD-EPG (national), ARD Mediathek (national)), HbbTV Application Toolkit (HAT) (incorporated into three broadcast formats: Fall of the Wall, Verknallt & Abgedreht, Sandmann), TV Application Layer, BBC’s iPlayer), Audio Mining (ARD Mediathek). Also, an average of 1000 new HbbTV users are connecting to a second-screen device via the Second Screen Framework Enabler every month. Germany’s largest kids channel Kika uses the HbbTV Application Toolkit (HAT) enabler. Finally, 25 international media outlets from 6 different countries (Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Switzerland) are using FIWARE Media & Content enablers (10 broadcasters, 10 service developers and content producers, 5 network providers).

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Smart City Services

 The Smart City Services platform has given birth to 8 FIWARE Enablers for Smart Cities : 3D-Map Tiles, AppGenerator, Context Aware Recommendation, Fusion Engine, Open City Database, OpenDataSoft, POIProxy and the famous Social Network Enabler. They all combine over 500 000 lines of code, written to foster European SMEs competitiveness.

To support FIWARE accelerators, FIcontent Smart City partners have been involved in various bootcamps, startup weekends, hackathons and workshops. Over 600 people have used the EvenTribe mobile App at Transmusicales 2014 in Rennes, France, where 6 TVs were using the generated TV app displaying live information to the 60k+ attendees of the event.

A few months later, more than 10 000 users did use the mobile app (Android, iOS) specially developed by FIcontent partners for Las Fallas 2015 (Valencia, Spain), which received over 1000 comments, check-ins and photos uploaded.

More than 10 apps are using the FIWARE Enablers developed by FIcontent for Smart Cities, among them: Veolia/M2O, Capico Kids, MappingParties, Time Square NYC billboards, Capitol Centre Court residential complex, Tenerife Transit Experience, Geoportal Comunitat Valenciana… Also, over 10 partnership have been developed by OpenDataSoft with Code for America brigades.

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Pervasive Games

The 12 FIWARE Enablers developed by the FIcontent « Gaming » partners are open-source.

11 Augmented Reality games have been developed using FIWARE Media & Content enablers, being either board games or city-wide games. Here are a few titles that can be found on YouTube, or app stores: Augmented Resistance, AR Travelers, ARPix, Gnome Trader, Spider Game, Star Tours, Skye Wars, ARvatar, city-wide tower defense game, scavenger hunt…

Four hackathons have been organised, for students and developers to create AR Games with FIWARE, and provide interesting feedback to FIcontent partners. Those hackathons took place either in international events or at the occasion of dedicated experiments: NEM Summit 2013, Zurich 2015, Ludicious Game Festival 2015, Barcelona 2015.

The cutting-edge technologies developed have been demonstrated and presented at large international conferences, such as: SIGGRAPH 2013, NEM Summit 2013, CeBIT 2014, Startup Fair 2014, Web3D 2014, ECFI 2014, CGVR 2014, Eurographics 2015 and Zurich meets New York.

The FIcontent Pervasive Games partners have known some successes, for instance, with the ARPix demonstration in the New York City Grand Central station, where an augmented reality photobooth has been held for 3 days, being seen by 1 Million people passing through. During SIGGRAPH 2013, over 2600 attendees were present to see the Skye Wars augmented reality demonstration. 7 patents have been deposited.

The Pervasive Games platform has also allowed 4 Bachelor theses and 2 publications at international conferences.

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