Open Source Social Network Enabler tested during carnival in Cologne

FIcontent experiment Cologne Carnival 2014Earlier this month, the FIcontent Open Source Social Network Enabler (SNE) created by Pixelpark has been tested during the Carnival in Cologne. The idea was to use this enabler to collaborate in a school team to share their active experiences during the live carnival parade and create a non-linear story in real time, using an audio-visual mash up, time line and map views to document in real time the carnival event. Grassroots Arts and Research had developed the user scenario called “Active experience of live cultural events” in order to test the “SNE” during the Carnival.

As preparation for the experiment that was held on March 4, Pixelpark performed for the students and school teacher an open source and javascript programming course during four weeks so they can be able to use and change the open source Social Network Enabler for their own purpose after the experiment. This javascript introduction is now an online tutorial on YouTube, which can be accessed by any teacher and students now and in the future.

On March 4, Pixelpark and Grassroots met 18 students and their teacher before the start of the carnival parade and handed out the smart phones with the Social Network Enabler. The students were asked to create several teams to act like photo/video journalists and to document and share audio-visual material about their favourite themes like beautiful carnival costumes and girls, music bands as well as alternatives places to escape from carnival. The students had 3 hours to experience actively the live carnival event and create the audio-visual presentation. They moved around in their different teams and communicated through the Social Network Enabler with the other teams. Here is a short video showcasing the different view modes of the Social Network Enabler.


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