FIcontent plenary meeting in Cologne (February 25-26, 2014)

Ficontent consortium

FIcontent partners have participated in an important plenary meeting in Cologne, Germany, on February 25-26, hosted by Grassroots Arts and Research and Pixelpark. Held at project mid-term, this meeting has led to fruitful discussions and collective decisions on all main issues, such as conclusions of the first experimentation cycle and preparation of the second experimentation cycle, the role of FIcontent to support projects following the FI-PPP Call3, selection of the candidates selected following the FIcontent open call which will lead during the second project period to an extended range of project developments by partners to be added to the present consortium. Almost 40 participants representing the 18 companies and research centers involved in the FIcontent project have spent these two days assessing the progress made since their last plenary meeting of October 30-31 in Nantes, France. The development of the three platforms (social connected TV, smart city services, and pervasive games) is still in good progress. FIcontent partners will soon be present at different events, such as CeBIT, FIA and ECFI, to interact with external stakeholders, particularly SMEs and developers interested in using the FIcontent platforms.


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