FIcontent presentation at the 17th NEM General Assembly

NEM logo New European Media

On April 1st, 2014, in Brussels, has been held the 17th General Assembly of the NEM initiative, gathering more than 80 participants, including ICT clusters, universities, federations, associations, SMEs, and large companies. NEM is the Horizon 2020 European Technology Platform (ETP) dedicated to Content, and the acronym’s meaning has recently been changed to stand for “New European Media” (instead of “Network and Electronic Media” as before), with “Connected media & content for innovation and creativity in digital Europe” as a strapline. FIcontent has been invited to participate in this General Assembly and was one of the four projects presented under the topic “Activities in the NEM area”. Ralf Neudel, from IRT, presented an overview of the FIcontent project, before providing more details on the characteristics and use of the FIcontent open platforms.


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