FIcontent presented in New York Grand Central Station


FIcontent is currently being showcased in the New York city famous Grand central train station. At the occasion of the event “Zurich meets New York”, the augmented reality “ARPix” application has been demonstrated, allowing New Yorkers to take a picture with Eva, a virtual scientist created by ETH Zurich, and to share it with their friends on Facebook.

AR Pix have been developed with the idea of creating high-resolution Augmented Reality that accounts for real-time lighting and matching the mobile camera’s quality. It goes beyond current technologies in terms of lighting effects (dynamic lighting and shadows).

The application uses two FIcontent enablers:

500,000 people go through the Grand Station terminal every day, and this week end, hundreds of travelers stopped to take a picture with Eva, the photo album currently counts 430 pictures. The demo will be presented all week, alongside other augmented reality demos, and will hopefully reach thousands of visitors by the end of the week.


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