FIcontent presents a Grand Challenge at TVX (June 25-27, UK)

FIcontent presents a Grand Challenge at TVX
The ACM TVX is the leading international conference for presentation and discussion of research into online video and TV interaction and user experience. In the course of this years conference a special event will take place, the Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge will encourage leading researchers and innovators from both industry and academia to propose solutions to a set of technical challenges.

One of these challenges is proposed by the FI content consortium. In our challenge we are looking for a new generation of content-accompanying applications for connected and hybrid TV using second-screen devices and our Social Connected TV Platform technology components.

The best ideas will be awarded 3000€ worth prizes plus travel and accommodation grant to attend the conference in Newcastle upon Tyne. Submission deadline for challenge entries is 30th April 2014.

Download the “Grand Challenge Invitation” or visit the TVX website for more information on the event and details on how to participate.

At the occasion of this great event, FIcontent will also make a demonstration of its technology during the demo sessions (June 26-27), come and tell your friends!


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