FIcontent presents FIWARE Media & Content Lab at Net Futures 2015


Last week, from March 25 to March 26, Net Futures 2015 took place in Brussels, Belgium. Organized and supported by the European Commission to foster technological research and innovation and explore new business opportunities, this conference is a single event bringing together all of Net Futures’ interest groups around cross-cutting topics: IoT, open source, cloud, smart cities, and start-ups. Net futures featured a total of 25 exhibitors and attracted over 1000 participants.

The conference also included concertation meetings that covered all Net Futures’ topics: Network Technologies, Software & Services, Cloud, Experimental Platforms and Net Innovation.

FIcontent joined the FIWARE actors along with the use case projects as well as the accelerators and was present at the FIWARE booth.


On this occasion, FIcontent presented to the European Commission, accelerators and all interested parties, its new FIWARE Media & Content Lab solution, providing everything SMEs and developer need for trying, developing and running applications using FIWARE Media & Content enablers developed in the framework of the project. 

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Stay tuned and discover more about the FIWARE Media & Content Lab very soon!