FIcontent at the “Rencontres Trans musicales” Festival in Rennes, France


At the occasion of the French “Rencontres Transmusicales” festival, in Rennes, December 3-7, FIcontent will showcase a special application to promote the Smart City Services platform capabilities.

During the three evenings of the event, FIcontent partners will offer the possibility to all festival participants to get involved in a large scale experiment: Thanks to the “EvenTribe” smartphone app (iOS or Android) that everyone will be able to download, it will be possible to share localized information on various points of interest in the event (like how crowded is a stage, a bar, or toilets), and benefit from other visitors’ inputs to find the best place to go to at a particular moment.

Moreover, app users will be able to have a 3D augmented reality view of the festival to naturally find the point of interest of their choice, avoiding waiting lines. Finally, the app will allow anyone to publish information and interact with the Festival community and on-site big screens.

FIcontent will have a booth at the Festival, so people can have answers to their questions, and charge their phones. The “Trans” festival was born on an evening of June 1979 and has become synonymous with unforgettable encounters with artists, most of whom were unknown. It then expanded its audience to reach music professionals. It has specialized in exchanges ignoring borders, whether they separate countries, continents or musical genres.