Guest lecture on FIcontent and Social connected TV at University of Siegen

FIcontent guest lecture at University of Siegen

Nowadays, TV experiences and consumption of multimedia content are subject to constant change in terms of its production, distribution and usage. In order to reflect and analyse the economic and societal effects of these changes, universities have added ‘Social connected TV’ to their research agendas and curricula. The University of Siegen is a case in point – as a part of the degree course “media and communication studies”, students can take a class on interactive media and Social TV. Recently, FIcontent and its Social connected TV platform were part of the class’s teaching agenda: Michael Eble (Fraunhofer IAIS) presented developments and insights in the area of Social connected TV as well as its opportunities for new formats based upon Future Internet technologies. Afterwards, students engaged in discussions about upcoming forms of interaction with multimedia content and the role of new technologies in this area.