The HbbTV Application Toolkit – by FIcontent (FIWARE)


The EU-funded project FIContent2 has created a web-based enabler for HbbTV editors and application developers. The HbbTV Application Toolkit (HAT, for short) allows users without programming skills to create HbbTV-compliant apps.

The HbbTV standard provides for the creation of programme-related interactive TV applications. However, few applications available today address the full potential of HbbTV; existing applications are often static TV-tailored websites, such as video-on-demand portals or news/weather apps. While these kinds of applications offer a useful and popular service, they don’t address the possibilities offered by HbbTV of engaging the viewer in broadcast programming.

The main reason for this is that developing HbbTV applications is still fairly demanding, due to a lack of suitable tools for both content creators and developers; creating an HbbTV application for a single show is simply too expensive.

HbbTV application toolkit

HAT offers the user, whether experienced editor or newbie content producer, a simple yet effective way of producing a ready-to-use professional quality HbbTV app. The toolkit includes a collection of templates, colour themes and modules, allowing control of all elements including broadcast source, video source, images, text, picture gallery, social feed/s, popups and overall layout.

All the details are available on the HbbTV Application Toolkit SE page.