L3V: A layered video format for 3D display

A layered video format for 3D display

This week in London (UK), Kenny Mitchell from Disney Research Zurich presents L3V: a layered video format for 3D display, at CMVP 2014 the 11th European Conference on Visual Media Production.

An overview of the L3V CVMP paper is available:

L3V paper

Bringing together production and post-production specialists from the worlds of film, broadcast and games with imaging and graphics researchers, CVMP provides a European forum to discuss the latest research, advances and state-of-the-art industry practices.

The aim of the conference is to demonstrate innovative techniques currently being used in media production and to discuss their future influence on common practice, delivering content for emerging platforms such as e-cinema, high-resolution home displays and interactive media are necessitating the development of new approaches.

More information on the event : http://www.cvmp-conference.org/

L3V Layered video standard