Launch of European Commission’s Future Internet PPP Call 3

FI-PPP_call-3The European Commission has published today its Call for proposals covering Phase 3 of the FI-PPP initiative. This Phase aims at providing and running a stable infrastructure for large scale trials, expanding the present core platform, the use case specific functionalities and their demand-driven instantiations. It also aims at involving through open calls SMEs and web entrepreneurs as developers of highly innovative, infrastructure based, data-rich services and applications, building on, and extending the large scale trials and the core platform functionalities. Phase 3 is an integral part of the FI-PPP initiative and capitalises on the investments and developments of phases 1 and 2. It ensures that technological developments and trials taking place in phases 1 and 2 will evolve into seed-type activities generating actual take-up of innovative Internet services and applications. The FI-PPP initiative should also be an accelerator for regional smart growth. Therefore this last phase of the FI-PPP initiative is expected to connect and establish close synergies with regional developments and policies. For detailed information, please visit European Commission’s FI-PPP web site.