Meet us at CeBIT 2014

Meet FIcontent and FI-WARE at CeBIT 2014

Meet us at the CeBIT 2014 event, taking place in Hannover from next March 10 to 14 where FIcontent and FI-Ware will co-organise a full day conference and exhibition on March 12 on the theme “Future Internet PPP: Open Platform for Entrepreneurs in Europe”. CeBIT delegates will receive information about FI-Ware generic software modules/services, called generic enablers, easing the development and deployment of applications, FIcontent platforms for media entrepreneurs and funding opportunities offered by the Future Internet PPP program. Located in CeBIT Hall 9, the event will bring together research organisations, universities, start-ups, spin-offs as well as company research departments and features presentations, social events, prize awards and panel discussions giving detailed insights into tomorrow’s technologies. CeBIT is the annual digital industry’s biggest and most international event attracting more than 4000 companies from over 70 countries and showcases the latest innovations from the high-tech sector. You will find the event agenda below or on the CeBIT Hall 9 program (Future Talk) (use the right arrow to go to march 12th).

Agenda (March 12, 2014 – Hall 9 – Booth F44)

 Time   Presentation 
10:00-10:30 The FI-WARE, FI-Content, and EU Future Internet Program

Connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT), processing large data real-time and performing bigdata analysis with FI-WARE (I): quick tour


Connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT), processing large data real-time and performing bigdata analysis with FI-WARE (I): example application for a Smart City


Cloud Hosting in FI-WARE: OpsWorks-like and advanced authentication and access control services on top of OpenStack and FI-WARE Business Framework


Testimonies of startups using FI-WARE


Building Streaming Media Applications with FI-WARE


Creating Interactive 3D Applications and Shared Virtual Worlds in HTML-5 with FI-WARE


The Future of Gaming – Pervasive Gaming or Gaming Anywhere


Building Games and Interactive 3D Apps with the FIcontent Platform


Get Involved: FIcontent Open Call and App Competitions


Building Smart City Services with the FIcontent Platform


Hybrid Future – why broadcast and IPcoexistence is key


Building applications for content discovery with the FIcontent Platform


How can YOU benefit from the EU Future Internet program?


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