Pervasive Games

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The Pervasive games platform demonstrates a strong mix of real life and Internet experience in a playful way and shows advances in 3D or virtual world environments in a way that becomes immersive and ‘’real’’. The platform focuses on multiplayer mobile gaming that leverages the future Internet technology in order to enable large groups of users to participate in innovative mobile gameplay experiences. A central theme of this new social gaming platform is moving beyond the traditional paradigm in which a user is fixed in front of a console or display. In this way, the game becomes an augmented version of the real world that delivers a more compelling experience than traditional console games or the simplistic social games that dominate today’s market. We organise our scenarios into a 3-tiered structure, which provides a scalable product framework of layered building blocks necessary to implement compelling authentic gaming experiences aligned to business uses:

Arrow_rose Consumer Products: augmented-reality games based on toys, fashion, and other connected, digitally enhanced physical products.

Arrow_rose Location-Based Installations: games developed in an installation such as a historic monument in which connected, cooperative game experiences are used to make the visit more compelling.

Arrow_rose City-wide Games: games in which larger numbers of players interact in unstructured environments.

Enablers for Pervasive Games

A set of Enablers has been specifically designed to help you create cutting-edge games using FIWARE: Leaderboard, Reality Mixer – Camera Artifact Rendering, Game Synchronization, ARTool, and more… They are available on the FIWARE Media & Content lab.

Go to the FIWARE Media & Content Lab


To help you getting started, the FIcontent Pervasive Games platform offers a set of graphic assets.


Download the package



The Source Code of Pervasive Games platform is available on GitHub!

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Example of application

The following application has been created with the Reflexion Mapping and the Leaderboard enablers.