Smart City Services


We live in a changing world. Since the arrival of mobile devices, the IT ecosystem started to migrate to a fully connected model. 3G, 4G, or how to provide services anywhere, anytime. Apple changed the rules of Smartphones, and Google made it accessible to anyone, especially low-cost devices. Now that (almost) every citizen is connected, we are moving towards an even more advanced state: connecting objects, from your keys, to your water-plants. Although bringing new innovative services has always been a very challenging task, it is becoming even harder for companies, NPOs, local authorities, or any person who came up with it: creation of internet and mobile applications, collection and exploitation of data. Having a short TTM (time to market) becomes an absolute necessity to maximize a project’s chances to take its place on the market.

To cope with such new paradigms, the Smart City Platform (SCP) is an unique platform allowing the apps of tomorrow to be created rapidly, providing both state of the art technologies (Enablers) focused around use, and a seamless integration of OpenData solutions. A technical team will choose to assemble and use the enablers of the SCP in their own app made from scratch, to match exactly their business model, whereas a non-technical team will rather choose to use the SCP portal to generate innovative applications which have those technologies already built-in and ready to use, in the reach of just a few clicks.

If the SCP has such a strong real added value for its users, it is due to the fact that it mixes the most successful key concepts and technologies and channels them into taylor-made apps, for Mobile and Web users: Social Networking (public and private), Augmented Reality, 3D modelization, the use of OpenData, Crowd Sourcing, Story Telling, Social Sharing.

Let us remember the tremendous success of the blogging system in the 2000s. The pitch of this concept was “the blogging system is a great and complicated technology which has no value itself. The only value is its content”. It worked because anyone could just create his own blog, and enrich it with quality content. Amazing success stories and businesses have emerged out of those platforms. (ranking of the 15 most popular blogs of the internet according to ebizmba) In 2007, the famous Apple AppStore was created and lead to a new concept of one marketplace for all apps, giving a real visibility to any technical app maker and the ability to draw benefits out of it in a simple way.

It is with those concepts in mind that the SCP was redesigned, structured around one simple question: What if we could allow anyone, technical or not, to build tomorrow’s innovative apps and services using an ergonomic platform with state of the art technologies, with a very small cost and effort of development to enable them to focus on what matters: concept, marketing, distribution and QA.

Enablers for Smart City Services

A set of Enablers has been specifically designed to help you create cutting-edge applications for Smart City Services: App Generator, Open City Database, POIProxy, Context Aware Recommendation, and more… They are available on the FIWARE Media & Content lab.

The Smart City Services Enablers allow creative people to generate, share and combine assets, objects and stories to develop mobility city services and new experiences. Contextualisation, recommendation, live information, mixed reality, 3D, sharing capacities and communications technologies will be offered.

Artists and developers can use these Enablers and combine their own or shared assets of other community members with geo-localized data provided by the framework to create interactive art and new types of media stories and experiences. The Smart City Services Enablers provide a set of management tools such as interfaces for data streams to handle in- and outgoing data sources like information flows of the open-data community. One can access and visualise city life real time information based on open data, user generated and professional contents. The Smart City Services Enablers allow companies to engage in existing services and create new ones to stretch their business model into a new universe of media experiences.

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DesignMyApp: the App generation portal of the Smart City Services platform

Examples of application

A Brussels city guide:

An App created for a “barathon”: