Social Connected TV


The Social Connected TV Enablers are designed to foster the development and uptake of TV applications based on Future Internet technologies: an entirely new ecosystem is evolving around connected TVs, enabling new applications and concepts around TV content.

These Enablers demonstrate a number of exciting innovations and new user experiences based on open standards such as HbbTV and HTML5. Our solutions help to overcome market fragmentation and are available to third-party application providers. Personalised services help users easily access and find content based on data inferred from the behaviour of individuals and groups of users, as well as explicit data provided by the users, e.g. through subscriptions and ratings. Services for connected devices complement the TV experience and extend it towards novel usage scenarios. Intelligent inter-device and broadcast-broadband synchronisation should be used to present connected TV as one seamless platform to the user.

Enablers for Social Connected TV

A set of Enablers has been specifically designed to help you create cutting-edge applications for Social Connected TV: Content Optimisation, HbbTV Application Toolkit, Audio Mining, Second Screen Framework, TV Application Layer. They are available on the FIWARE Media & Content lab.

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Example of application

The following application has been created with the Second Screen enabler.