Pervasive Games Platform at Web3D 2014

WEB3D 2014


The FIcontent Pervasive Game platform will be showcased at the Web3D 2014 conference in Vancouver, Canada, on Sunday August 10. Four of our partners  (DFKI, ETH Zürich, Disney Research Zürich and the Walt Disney Company Ltd) will present “An Ecosystem for Interactive Mixed-Reality Applications on the Web”, giving an overview on the integrated, modular toolset and basic building blocks available to achieve interactive 3D experiences on the web in the context of augmented-reality and mixed-reality applications.

The annual ACM Web3D Conference is a major event which unites researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, artists and content creators in a dynamic learning environment. Attendees share and explore methods of using, enhancing and creating new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies such as X3D, VRML, Collada, MPEG family, U3D, Java3D and other technologies. The conference also focuses on recent trends in interactive 3D graphics, information integration and usability in the wide range of Web3D applications from mobile devices to high-end immersive environments.



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