Smart City Services platform code fest

Code fest smart city services platform

FIcontent partners from the Smart City Services platform have met last week for a first code fest that had mainly two purposes. First, to integrate many enabler demos into a catalog sample app for both native android and cordova, so that anyone can have FIContent technologies in their pockets, and a simple example of how to use them for developers, as the content is opensource. And second, to start working together on subjects involving multiple partners, such as the POI data format.

The workshop has been a success: two demo apps are functional and will be shared among all Smart City Services partners. They demonstrate very nice effects and allow anyone to understand what concrete uses may exist for each enabler. The workshop also allowed the redaction of a draft spec, which will be stabilized in the few upcoming weeks to serve as a codebase. Beyond technical aspects, it was a really nice opportunity to put many brains into the same room, and everyone learned new things and shared thoughts.

It also initiated many interactions among some of the partners for future work focused on different use cases.


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