Smart city services won Berlin praise

The FIcontent Smart city services platform raised in Berlin the interest of both end-users and developers: from September 6-11 Fraunhofer FOKUS launched the Berlin Experimentation Site on the occasion of IFA, the world’s largest trade fair for Consumer Electronics. In this important framework the “Smart city services” as well as “Social connected TV” technologies and tools were successfully showcased and trialed. Attendees visiting the stand of Fraunhofer FOKUS, hosted by the IFA TecWatch, had the chance to see the demonstration of the “Smart city guide” first release, based on Fraunhofer HTML5 compliant web application. Interviews with trial users and feedback questionnaires provided meaningful results: there is a significant interest on smart city services by users, who gave a lot of very positive feedback about functions and features provided by the platforms. Furthermore, a considerable number of developers and domain experts expressed their interest in the upcoming tender for the FI content App Competition. After Skye Wars, another public success for FIcontent paves the way for a strong engagement of developers and SMEs, a promising factor for a large-scale impact of the three platforms.

Smart city services M63A1241 SmartCityGuide_IFA-3


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