Social Connected TV – Demo madness and Grand challenge at TVX 2014


FIcontent was showcased this year at ACM TVX 2014, where five partners (Technicolor, Lancaster University, Fraunhofer FOKUS, IRT, Fraunhofer IAIS) joined their skills and presented the FI technology of the Social Connected TV platform in a session entitled “Social Connected TV Platform by FIcontent: An Open Toolbox for Creative Developers” through various examples, namely VOD Discovery, Vision, Interactive multi-screen content and ARD EPG. Details on each of the examples can be found in the related demo paper.

In an additional Works in Progress paper presented in a small paper pitch session, Fraunhofer FOKUS and RBB discuss how the Social Connected TV Platform can be used to bring attractive new application and content concepts to the TV. Using two specific enablers provided by the FIcontent project they suggest enriched personalized multi-screen content for social connected TV to provide the viewer an interactive socialised multi-screen experience.

Finally, FIcontent also organised a Grand Challenge at TVX, to promote the use of our Social Connected TV specific enablers. With 3000€ worth prizes the challenge encouraged participants to hand in sophisticated ideas for a new generation of connected and hybrid TV applications that integrate FIcontent’s specific enablers. The winning idea suggested a method to augment a TV broadcast with synchronised user generated video and relevant social network content. In their envisioned solution Hans M. Stokking, Arjen T. Veenhuizen, Rianne (A.M.) Kaptein and Omar A. Niamut from TNO used the TV Application Layer SE, the Second Screen Framework SE as well as the Audio Mining SE and Audio Fingerprinting SE. The runner-up of the Grand Challenge, Jakub Majkowski from Tellyo, suggested a new technique to merge TV and second screen interaction. Using the Second Screen Framework SE, they proposed the Object Of Desire concept and TV Triggered Services to leverage the interest and curiosity of TV viewers.


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