Social Connected TV: Specific Enablers available for Open Call and presented at several events

Social Connected TV

Clear and vivid pictures telling a fascinating story are the foundation of successful TV formats. And so it is with the development of technology: FI content partners working with the Social Connected TV platform aim to draw a vivid picture of a powerful toolbox for various  TV formats and usages. Since the production, distribution and consumption of video content is constantly changing and heavily diversifying, TV related content technologies need to evolve at the same pace and in the same direction.

In order to do so, FI content partners developed a broad range of technologies during the first six month of the FI-PPP use case project. By the end of September 2013, they delivered several Specific Enablers to FI content’s open platforms along with the respective API documentations, developer guides, etc. The result: content technologies are ready for leveraging through FI content’s Open call.

Furthermore, partners actively engaged with start-ups and SMEs by attending and demoing at events like IFA (Berlin, Germany), dmexco (Cologne, Germany) and NEM Summit (Nantes, France). In recent days the Social Connected TV platform was presented during the FI content session at ICT 2013 (Vilnius, Lithuania) as well. The presentation also included a live demo of synchronization between first and second screen.

As varied as these events were, they had one thing in common: they all drew a clear picture that, nowadays, TV can’t be defined as a screen standing in one’s living room. Instead, TV changes according to the story to be told, the context of usage and the viewer’s current situation.


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