Successful final review of FIcontent Phase 1

Logo_FI-Content_Phase1The final review of the achievements reached during the first phase of the FIcontent project successfully took place in the premises of the BBC in London, on April 25, 2013. The European Commission’s Project Officer and the external reviewers invited by the European Commission concluded that they saw FIcontent as a great strength for the FI-PPP programme. In the first phase FIcontent has contributed to the overall programme objectives by requesting, providing and validating Generic Enablers and presenting in public events demonstrations of their Generic Enabler Validator and existing Specific Enablers Showcases. The dissemination activities of FIcontent Phase 1 have been considered as particularly impressive and especially the innovation award won by DFKI at CeBIT 2013 for an implementation of DaaS. Innovative use cases have been identified and community engagement has started, which made the reviewers confident in the potential of FIcontent Phase 2 for technical, business and social innovation.