Synergies between FI-PPP and CAPS

CAPS2014 conference

In two weeks from now, FIcontent will be in Brussels at the CAPS 2014 conference to participate in a panel session with other FI-PPP representatives, from the European Commission as well as from various projects (XIFI, FISpace…), to present “Synergies between CAPS and FI-PPP“.

As FI-PPP aims at the creation of a commonly deployable and accessible platform federated across distributed nodes to be broadly used by several actors in Europe, CAPS players could directly benefit from this technology. The “Phase 2” of the FI-PPP programme has allowed the development of FI applications and services in several sectors, like health care, media, smart cities, etc., which can represent a common ground of work for CAPS players, as well as for many other SMEs across Europe. A convergence between the FI-PPP initiative and the CAPS community will increase opportunities for bringing in CAPS players in the ICT scene via the Open Calls the 16 FI-PPP Phase 3 accelerators will launch in September 2014.

This session held on July 1st will include some FI-PPP project presentations as well as an interactive Question and Answers part to give the CAPS 2014 participants the chance to more actively intervene and animate the discussions.

An important thing: registrations will soon be closed. Here is the only place to register for CAPS 2014!

One last good thing? It’s a free event.


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