The Augmented Resistance AR game available on Google Play Store


A new version of Augmented Resistance, an augmented reality game developed with FIcontent Enablers, has been released on Google Play Store.

Augmented Resistance is an AR board game where the player has to defend a territory attacked by aliens. A tablet displays a 3D environment using the 2D image marker (the board). A light probe is used to generate the dynamic lighting of the scene. Quite a few FIcontent Enablers are used in this game.

You can download the game on your Android device:

To use all features, players need to print the board (ideally A3-size), then to use a small ball (such as a table tennis one) with a small 3D structure in order to use the dynamic lighting. Good news is that the game comes with the dynamic lighting setting off, so anyone can just print a paper and play.

Here’s a short guide on how to create your base and setup the game (also available in the app description):

Enjoy the game!