The “FIWARE Media & Content Lab” is up and running!


FIcontent has recently released an online “Lab” to deliver FIWARE Enablers for media and content applications, in order to complement the FIWARE catalogue of Generic Enablers (GEs). This new website, called the “FIWARE Media & Content Lab” addresses the needs of SMEs and developers by means of four support levels:

  • Discover: Access information about the Enablers (Description / Programmer guide / Installation guide / Tutorial / Usage videos / Terms & Conditions / How to get support)
  • Try: Test live demos of Enablers
  • Tweak: Modify and run the Enablers client-side code, in a developer playground
  • Run: Start and monitor instances of Enablers via various SysOp tools (Layered on top of FIWARE Lab, using advanced tools for facilitating usage and deployment)

The FIWARE Media & Content Lab is accessible at


Go to the FIWARE Media & Content Lab

(Or read more details below on Discover / Try / Tweak / Run)


The discover page targets developers with a centralized repository of data and resources. The main information provided is:

  • descriptive data,
  • programming guides,
  • examples,
  • demo endpoints,
  • terms and conditions for use in FI-PPP and beyond,
  • source code when applicable (open source),
  • links to running instances and or links to executable images.

The discover page provides the lists of enablers available on the Lab and allows the user to search for enablers or to select them via a menu listing using tags provided by the designers of the enabler.

discover-3D-map-tilesThe “Discover” page of the 3DMap Tiles Enabler


Each Enabler on the FIWARE Media & Content Lab provides a running demo. The “Try” link opens a browser tab and displays the demo provided by the enabler owner.

try-3D-map-tilesThe “Try” page of the 3DMap Tiles Enabler


Developers can tweak enablers, interactively customize them and change their behavior to see if they match their expectation.

This explorative interactive playground is one of the most innovative aspects of the FIWARE Media & Content Lab. It displays simultaneously the JavaScript code tree, an editing window to change the code in real-time and a window displaying the running Enabler. This playground  currently supports a subset of Enablers. More Enablers may be added over the next months.


The “Tweak” page of the 3DMap Tiles Enabler

The left pane shows a classic tree view of the file system that makes the client side of the enabler. The idea is that the user only needs to edit existing files, but the playground holds the ability to upload additional files by using the buttons at the bottom.

Per default, the middle pane shows the source code of the file selected by the user. The Enabler provider can customize the name of the default file through the configuration file on GitHub. The ‘Save’ button at the bottom uploads the tweaked source of the edited file to the playground.

Once the user saves the view, the iframe to the right reloads. It holds the result of the tweaked source code and shows the current state of the tweaks.

The ‘Config’ button on top changes the three-pane view to a two-pane one, showing a form for configuration details.



The “runner” of the FIWARE Media & Content Lab is a tool that automatically sets up for you a running VM instance with a Docker host and a web UI on top of the FIWARE Lab Cloud infrastructure. You do not need to know anything about the FIWARE Lab Cloud, it will configure all the infrastructure, network, security, etc.

However, you will need to have a FIWARE Lab account and request a community upgrade in the Lannion region. The community upgrade grants you the right to allocate a public IP address within the cloud.


The “Run” page of the FIWARE Media & Content Lab


More information on the Lab is available in the FIcontent D6.4.2 deliverable

Read the complete overview of the FIWARE Media & Content Lab