The Gnome Trader AR game presented at Eurographics 2015

Fabio Zünd presenting the Gnome Trader game at Eurographics 2015

During the Eurographics 2015 conference, The FIcontent partners ETH Zürich and Disney Research Zürich have presented an overview of the project developments and ecosystem, and presented the Gnome Trader AR game to more than 50 participants over two nights.

Gnome Trader is an online massive multiplayer Augmented Reality city-wide game created with FIWARE technologies, where players can buy and sell food to gnomes hidden in newspaper boxes all around a city. Gardener gnomes produce food and sell it to the players at a dynamic price. Gnome families are waiting for the players to bring them food and will pay more as their storage gets low. Players will level up by finding new gnomes and trading. The virtual money earned in the game can be used to buy upgrades, such as a bigger bag to be able to carry more resources at once and resulting in a better trading efficiency. An online leaderboard also enables players to compare to each other.

Technically speaking, Gnome Trader uses various FIWARE enablers, such as the “Point of Interest” GE, the “Camera Artifact Rendering” SE, or the “Leaderboard” SE.

The 36ᵗʰ Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics has been held in Zürich, Switzerland from 4-8 May, 2015. More information on the Eurographics 2015 conference website.