The Visual Agent Design Enabler rises the interest of educators!


At the occasion of a seminar on educational robotics at INRIA Bordeaux, France,  FIcontent  has demonstrated the Visual Agent Design (VAD) Enabler to French experts in education. These include teachers, researchers, technology transfer facilitators, government officials and

The VAD Enabler is a software brick allowing the creation of augmented reality tools that provide live inspection of the execution of programs. These programs are constructed visually and run on mobile platforms, such as the Thymio robot. A video of the result is available on YouTube. The Thymio robot is increasingly used in classrooms in Europe, and particularly in France (see here), and is widely appreciated by educators. The VAD Enabler brings a new way to let children understand programming, and has the potential to drastically improve the teaching of computational thinking. The VAD Enabler was demonstrated using a prototype of a wireless Thymio, for which a crowdfunding campaign is ongoing. Through the latter, you can get your own wireless Thymio as well!

thymio2 thymio1