What is FIcontent ?

FI content

FIcontent is a EU-funded project that offers FIWARE Enablers dedicated to media and content. These Enablers can be used by developers and SMEs to build their applications for Social Connected TV, Smart City Services or Pervasive Games. FIcontent is part of the FIWARE initiative, which offers Generic Enablers, dedicated to more common issues such as security, cloud infrastructure, etc.

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The FIWARE Media & Content Lab


For developers, we have created the FIWARE Media & Content Lab: a unique place to discover the FIWARE Media & Content Enablers with live demos, to test and tweak them directly in your web browser, but also to run your applications! This is all you need.

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FIWARE is an open initiative aiming to create a sustainable ecosystem around the integration of recent Internet technologies. FIWARE provides Generic Enablers to developers and SMEs. Find out more on the FIWARE about page and our useful FIWARE links.

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About the FI-PPP Programme


The FI-PPP programme, supported by the European Commission, with a total investment of 600 millions euros over 5 years, aims to build Europe’s Future Internet. FIcontent is one of the FI-PPP projects. FI-PPP has entered its third and last phase, where 16 “Accelerator” projects offers funding and support to SMEs using FIWARE technologies. These sub-grantees can use our technologies for free at least until the end of the programme.

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