What is FIcontent ?

FIcontent offers pieces of software (called “Specific Enablers”) to SMEs and developers, empowering them with great Media & Content technologies for their applications. These Specific Enablers are part of the FIWARE initiative, and complement the FIWARE catalogue of “Generic Enablers” with technologies dedicated to Media & Content (in particular in the areas of Social Connected TV, Smart City Services, and Pervasive Games). Any developer, SME, or multinational corporation is welcome to use our solutions.

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The FI-PPP Programme

The FI-PPP programme, supported by the European Commission, with a total investment of 600 millions euros over 5 years, aims to build Europe’s Future Internet. FIcontent is one of the FI-PPP projects, developing FIWARE technologies for Media & Content. FI-PPP has entered its third and last phase, where 16 “Accelerator” projects offers funding and support to SMEs using FIWARE technologies. These sub-grantees can use our technologies for free at least until the end of the programme.

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FIWARE Media & Content Lab


We have created for you the best thing since sliced bread: the FIWARE Media & Content Laboratory is a unique place to discover, try, tweak and run FIcontent specific enablers! This is all you need.

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About FIWARE...


FIWARE is an open initiative aiming to create a sustainable ecosystem around the integration of recent Internet technologies. Find out more on the FIWARE about page and our useful FIWARE links.

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