Use FIcontent enablers to develop your own applications

Social Connected TV

  • Multi-screen interaction
  • Personalised TV experience
  • User tracking and privacy

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Smart City Services

  • Contextualisation
  • Live information
  • Live sharing and communication

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Pervasive Games

  • Augmented reality
  • Blending real and virtual worlds
  • Toys, installations, and city-wide games

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What is FIcontent ?

FIcontent provides “Enablers” (software blocks) to SMEs and developers, so they can create applications and services in the areas of social connected TV, smart city services, and pervasive games.

The FIcontent Enablers complement the FIWARE catalogue of Generic Enablers (GE), with technologies dedicated to media & content.

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The FI-PPP Programme

FI content is one of the flagship FI-PPP projects supported by the European Commission. FI-PPP represents a total funding of around 600 millions euros over 5 years to build Europe’s Future Internet. We have entered the 3rd and last phase of FI-PPP.

Phase 3 sub-grantees can use our specific enablers for free, until the end of the programme.

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1 minute to convince you to get involved…


  • “Technicolor is very proud to coordinate FI content, a FI-PPP project focusing on the content and media sectors that are strategic for Europe, and driven by the commitment of the whole partnership to deliver a range of open platforms which SMEs and developers can use to quickly put on the marketplace cutting-edge applications and services. In this context, FI content should bring an important contribution to building Europe's future Internet which is the overall objective of the FI-PPP flagship programme, led by the industry and supported by the European Commission.”

    Pieter Van den Linden, Technicolor, Project coordinator

  • “What we need is new thinking, in which ICT plays a vital role. We need faster market response, more entrepreneur friendliness and more opportunities for SMEs”

    Mario Campolargo - Director Net Futures, European Commission’s DG Connect

  • “We are very glad to contribute to an initiative essentially aiming at providing developers and SMEs with advanced tools to develop innovative applications and services, and boost their business”

    Roger Torrenti - CEO, Sigma Orionis

  • "FIcontent plays a significant role in both our research and development as well as our business strategy: To improve our existing content technologies and to investigate new approaches in multimedia indexing and search, data integration and metadata management is core to Fraunhofer IAIS. To build open and cloud-based platforms for SMEs is in line with our overall roadmap."

    Dr. Joachim Köhler - Head of business area Content Technologies and Services, Fraunhofer IAIS

  • "FIcontent will shape the technological platforms to create and disseminate digital media content in the future. These technologies will have a significant impact onto the entertainment industry."

    Markus Gross - Professor of Computer Science of ETH Zurich, Director of Disney Research Zurich

  • “Fraunhofer FOKUS is proud to be part of FI-CONTENT2 to continue the outstanding activities started in FI-CONTENT. The project has significant strategic relevance for our connected and hybrid TV, as well as smart city activities. We are confident that hosting large scale experiments in Berlin will bring valuable results for future research and SMEs.”

    Dr. Stefan Arbanowski - Fraunhofer FOKUS