Attitude Seed Bank Review & FAQs Regarding Attitude Seeds in 2024

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Are you ready to elevate your cannabis growing game? If you’re considering purchasing seeds from Altitude Seed Bank, also known as The Attitude Seedbank, it’s crucial to dive into an in-depth review to assess the seed quality, breeders involved, and overall experience. Let’s explore what sets this seed bank apart and what you can expect when ordering your next batch of seeds.

As proclaimed “The world’s largest cannabis seeds superstore,” the Attitude Seed Bank seems indeed one with numerous strain collections and the largest seed variety on the internet. Attitude Seed Bank reviews differ from time to time and from user to user, and for the same, we have a detailed analysis to make things quite clear.

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Best Seed Bank Alternatives

MSNL is so popular that it needs no introduction in the community. They have a wide range of products and ship orders worldwide. They accept payment in varied ways, including currency transfer and bitcoins.

It is one of the most trusted and well-known names in the cannabis industry. It ships worldwide and has numerous payment options, including bitcoins.

This seed bank entered the market in 2005 and has been one of the dominating names since then. It ships in a large number of countries and accepts all sets of standard payment options, including cryptocurrencies.

About the Attitude Seed Bank

The Attitude Seed Bank is a United Kingdom-based retail distributor of cannabis seeds and merchandise. They are resellers of various brands and breeders and accumulate a staggering number of seeds and strains to offer to sell. There is no detailed information regarding their establishment history or more. However, they have been around since 2006, providing more than a decade of services.

THC Snow
THC Snow
Purple Afghani
Purple Afghani
Headband OG
Headband OG
Purple Pineberry
Purple Pineberry
Green Crack
Green Crack
Purple Power
Purple Power

The seed bank is famous for its various offerings, ranging from luxury seeds and strains to regular inexpensive seeds. They have an active blog section on their website and are quite active on social media. Their customers also praise their prompt replies on their Facebook page, over-the-phone inquiries, and order placement.

The website looks quite overflowing and is jam-packed with pictures, texts, and flashing promotional offers. But, apart from it, the collection takes over the negative aspect. The website allows you to pick seeds in various categories, strains, cup-winning strains, and more. It also provides insight into every seed with details like sex, type, height, flowering, and area to be cultivated.

Besides elaborated shopping options with categories and more, the website furnishes users with blogs and FAQs for queries.

Type and quality of strains from Attitude Seed

The strain collection of the Attitude Seed Bank is whooping 2000+ strains, including various categories, brands, and breeders. You can buy feminized seeds, regular seeds, and auto-flowering seeds, or you can pick and mix across varieties of single seeds. It is a place where a grower can shop for seeds from numerous brands and breeders without looking for them at different locations. It is a one-stop shop for your marijuana seed needs.

The Attitude seed strains include the best-selling ones like AK 47, Amnesia Haze, Kosher Kush, White Widow, Blue Cheese, and many others. The collection of cannabis cup-winning strains like Hortilab Sour Amnesia, Amnesia Haze from Soma’s sacred seeds, Rugburn OG from Rare Darkness Seeds, and various others are easy to find with Attitude Seed Bank. You can discover cup-winning strains from competitions like High Times Cannabis Cup, Sativa Cup, Indica Cup, Hybrid Cup, Dutch Hash Cup, and others.

Products and Services offered by Attitude Seeds 

Our Attitude Seed Bank review shows they have one of the most fascinating collections of cannabis seeds for your growing needs. They are among the best players providing a lot of seed variety in one place, and the range is enormous. The product selection includes seeds from various popular seed banks and numerous strains, which are hard to count.

The service of Attitude Seeds is also par despite being one of the busiest with many orders. Their collection is indisputable evidence of their service. They try to provide customers with every strain possible, and the collection results from the same.

Attitude Seed Bank does offer more than just cannabis seeds. Their products include smoking accessories like vape pens, vaporizers, e-lighters, ashtrays, grinders, weed storage containers, and more. In addition, the collection consists of clothing, bags, food, and even beauty products. Attitude Seeds also provides merchandise from various famous seed banks to fill up your collection and use. You can visit their Attitude smoking lounge on the website for a complete list of their products.

Here are examples of other cup-winning seeds and strains.

  • Hortilab Seeds Sour Amnesia
  • Rare Dankness Seeds Rug Burn OG
  • Soma Seeds Amnesia Haze
  • Reserva Privada Kosher Kush

The Attitude Seed Bank has landrace strains and regular seeds for professional growers, breeders, and those who love surprises and want to polish their cultivation skills.

However, with an abundance of variety, the chances of receiving something undesirable increase with various folds. With Attitude’s collection of different types and qualities of seeds, the customer’s knowledge regarding what they want becomes evident.

Users with lesser know-how of strains and seeds may have difficulty receiving what they can grow or want. Also, as the Attitude Seed Bank is into retail and reselling the seeds from various sellers, quality control remains a question as they are distributors. Therefore, we advise customers to shop carefully. Otherwise, for experienced growers, Attitude is a crazy place to get what they want.

Unveiling the Breeders Behind the Seeds

One of the key factors that sets Altitude Seed Bank apart is its collaboration with renowned breeders in the industry. By working with breeders like Karma Genetics and Bodhi Seeds, this seed bank ensures that each seed you plant carries the expertise and passion of top breeders in the cannabis community.

These collaborations not only elevate the quality of the seeds but also provide growers with the opportunity to experience unique strains and genetics that have been carefully curated by experts in the field. Whether you’re a fan of specific breeders or simply seek top-notch genetics, Altitude Seed Bank’s partnerships bring a touch of excellence to every seed you purchase.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
Blue Dream
Blue Dream
Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel
White Widow
White Widow
Granddaddy Purple
Granddaddy Purple
Jack Herer
Jack Herer

Listed below are some of the great seed and strain options from the brands.

  • Ministry of Cannabis Northern Lights
  • Nirvana Seeds AK 48
  • Nirvana Seeds Bubblelicious
  • Seedsman Seeds White Widow
  • Seedsman Seeds Original Skunk #1
  • Royal Queen Seeds Special Queen #1
  • Sensi Seeds Skunk #1

You can also look for other popular brands and their seed and strains on the website of Attitude Seed Bank.”

Attitude Seed Bank Reviews

Attitude Seed Bank reviews are mixed online. They range from hailing them for their excellent service to mocking them for non-germinating and low-quality seeds. However, we think it is more of know-how and experience with seeds and the crop. Also, with thousands of varieties, it is self-evident to find few seeds which do not germinate the way a user has wanted.

Also, Attitude Seed Bank is a retail distributor that makes it apparent for users to buy seeds to the best of their knowledge. This seed bank sells seeds of various qualities from various brands and breeders. They range from high-end cannabis cup-winning strains to relevantly unknown breeders. Thus, the collection of the diversity of brands, breeders, quality, and strains makes Attitude Seed a great choice.

It is also to be noted that their website doesn’t claim nor advertise flawed germination guarantees as others do.

Shipping Methods for the Attitude Seed Bank

Shipping is done discreetly and professionally by Attitude Seed Bank. They ship out seeds hidden in small gifts and merchandise, which are not easy to see and find. You can also opt for and pay a little extra for super discreet packaging to get your seeds in super stealth packaging to avoid confiscation. The instances of confiscation are now rare with Attitude Seeds, and you are very likely to receive your order with them in a defined time.

However, in the rare case of confiscation or packaging received without seeds, they help customers by reshipping the order. They also provide insured packages for assured delivery of your order, a guaranteed delivery option that users can discover at checkout.

The best part is that the Attitude Seed Bank ships worldwide. Shipping time is also reasonable, delivering within 1 to 4 days within the UK mainland and 7 to 15 days internationally.

Payment options for Attitude Seed Bank

There are plenty of payment options with Attitude Seed Bank. Options were limited earlier, but now they accept the majority of standard payment methods. Being a UK-based seed bank, they charge the transactions in GBP, the UK currency, or UK pounds.

The payment methods accepted include credit and debit cards from most banks, with exceptions to MasterCard and Maestro cards. They also do not accept payment through PayPal. The UK and international banks accept bank transfers and wires. Customers in the UK can also pay via personal cheques and money orders. Also, customers outside the UK unwilling to transact online can send cash to the Attitude Seed Bank address after placing an order.

Attitude Seeds also accepts various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, DGB, Ethereum, Z-cash, Verge, Monero, and numerous others. If any method of cryptocurrency is not listed on their website, you can contact them personally and inquire if they can accept it. They also accept international gift cards for payment. You can make payments via multiple gift cards at Attitude Seed Bank.

Attitude Seeds Discount

You will likely find offers, discounts, free seeds, and various promotional sales on the Attitude Seed Bank website every time you visit. These promotional offers are money savers and provide more seeds than your purchase. They have promotions running on the mode of payments like bank transfers, cash orders, and cryptocurrency payments. The Attitude Seeds discount includes offers on free seeds and free packs of seeds on the purchase of a certain quantity. You can also enjoy promotional offers of new strains on the website.

Based on our Attitude Seed Bank review, the company also entertains a price match policy and accepts such orders over the phone. You can benefit from this policy if the price link you provide is in stock and the website ships to your country. However, the Attitude Seeds discount and free seeds do not apply to the price match policy.

ImageNameTop FeaturesDeal Price
I Love GMI love Growing Marijuana

  • Stealthy packaging

  • Ships to USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.

  • Guaranteed delivery & germination

  • Strains: 100 approx

Check Deal
Marijuana Seeds NLMarijuana Seeds NL

  • Multiple genetic lines and strains

  • Offers discount and free seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Strains: 120 approx

Check Deal
Crop King SeedCrop King Seed

  • Ships worldwide

  • Ships stealthy & smartly

  • Active customer support

  • Strains: 31 approximately

Check Deal

  • Extensive collection of seeds

  • Ships worldwide

  • Discounts on payment w/ Bitcoins

  • Strains: 3000 approx

Check Deal
Quebec Cannabis SeedsQuebec Cannabis Seeds

  • Best Canadian Seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Stealth packaging & fast shipping

  • Strains: 130 approx

Check Deal
Seed Supreme SeedBankSeed Supreme SeedBank

  • Free seeds with every order

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Loyalty programs & sales

  • Strains: 4000 approx

Check Deal
Amsterdam Marijuana SeedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds

  • User-friendly website

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Extensive & illustrative guides

  • Strains: 135 approx

Check Deal
Attitude SeedbankAttitude Seedbank

  • One of the largest seed bank

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Marijuana merchandises

  • Strains: 2000 approx

Check Deal
Nirvana ShopNirvana Shop

  • Finest quality seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Collection of various award-winning seeds

  • Strains: 64 approx

Check Deal
Growers Choice SeedsGrowers Choice Seeds

  • New & innovative medical cannabis seed range

  • Ships Worldwide

  • High-quality seed, strains, and genetics

  • Strains: 50+ approx

Check Deal

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding the Attitude Seed Bank

1. What seed bank has the best genetics?

Seedsman, SeedSupreme, Sensi Seeds, MSNL, and Attitude Seed Bank have a collection of the best genetics. These seed banks offer products from their strains and also from others. With Attitude Seed, you can discover seeds from various brands and breeders in the same place. However, they do not have their strains and only retail.

2. How long does the order from the Attitude Seed Bank take to arrive?

The order from Attitude Seeds takes different times to reach different countries and depends on the speed of your country’s mailing services and customs. They deliver within 1 to 4 days within the UK and 7 to 15 days outside the UK.

3. Does Attitude Seed Bank ship worldwide?

Yes, Attitude Seed Bank ships worldwide.

4. Does Attitude Seed ship discreetly?

Yes, the Attitude Seed Bank ships to you discreetly. They usually send you seeds in gift articles and other items that are not easy to discover during shipping and inspection. You can also opt for super discreet shipping and guaranteed delivery.

5. Does Attitude Seed Bank accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Yes, Attitude Seed now accepts bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. They accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, DGB, Ethereum, Z-cash, Verge, Monero, and various others.

6. Does the Attitude Seed Bank deliver to PO boxes?

Attitude Seed Bank now delivers to PO boxes in a limited number of countries and regions. Head to their page to learn about the areas.

7. Can I pay with an Attitude Seed Bank gift card?

Yes, international gift cards are accepted at Attitude Seed Bank for payments. You can also pay through multiple gift cards for a single purchase. However, the cards should be international and must be cleared for use internationally to help the transaction go through.

8. Is it illegal to send seeds in the mail?

Yes, it is illegal to send seeds in the mail to countries where possession, cultivation for professional and personal use, and consumption are prohibited. However, seeds as a souvenir, pet food, and other similar reasons are not illegal in many places, and mail tends to go through without confiscation.

9. Is Attitude Seed Bank reliable?

Based on our Attitude Seed Bank review, it is one of the most trusted cannabis seed banks and is worth your money. They have an excellent track record and reputation in the cannabis community regarding their service and strain.

10. Are there any Attitude Seed Bank discounts and offers?

Yes, Attitude Seeds offers many offers and discounts. You will discover their promotions whenever you visit their website. Offers are often listed on the site, and you can also explore other promotions like free seeds on a specific order quantity and more. This allows you to get your hands on some free seeds.

11. Where is the Attitude Seed Bank located?

Attitude Seed Bank is a United Kingdom-based seed bank that ships worldwide.

12. Do customers face trouble ordering from Attitude Seeds?

Orders at Attitude Seed Bank generally go very smoothly. However, there have been instances of lost orders and more, which are taken care of by their customer support. Also, customers may find business parties pretending to be Attitude Seed Bank and sending bad seeds or just nothing, where customers should take necessary care.

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The Takeaways From Our Attitude Seed Bank Review

This is pretty much everything about the Attitude Seed Bank, which is indeed a superstore for cannabis seeds. With our thorough review, experiences online, and feedback from fellow growers, we can conclude that it is a great place to acquire a variety of seeds from various brands. It is also easy to shop with them through discreet and professional shipping, plenty of payment options, and worldwide shipping.

They also have a good reputation because of their effective communication with their clients, and customers can expect prompt replies. Attitude Seed Bank is very experienced, with more than a decade in operation and a splendid collection of seeds and strains.

Happy Growing!


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