The 10 Best Seed Banks in 2024: Top Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to USA (How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online)

Last Updated on January, 2024 by Rob Wilson

Tired of your seeds not germinating despite taking every care possible? We got you covered. You need an address, and we have such ten for you. Ten best online seed banks that ship to the USA to take care of all your woes.

These seed banks deliver you high-quality seeds discreetly that yield exactly what you want. Huge collection, expert advice, high-germination rate, customer support, and the best value for your money. What else can you ask for, right?

So, let’s discover these seed banks below with a detailed review and what we liked and disliked about them. You can also go through the detailed guide below to help you shop better with the know-how of seeds, strains, and more.

These are simply the best marijuana seeds you should look for in any bank:

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The 10 Best Seed Banks in 2024: Top Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to USA (How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online)

ImageNameTop FeaturesDeal Price
I Love GMI love Growing Marijuana

  • Stealthy packaging

  • Ships to USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.

  • Guaranteed delivery & germination

  • Strains: 100 approx

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Marijuana Seeds NLMarijuana Seeds NL

  • Multiple genetic lines and strains

  • Offers discount and free seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Strains: 120 approx

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Crop King SeedCrop King Seed

  • Ships worldwide

  • Ships stealthy & smartly

  • Active customer support

  • Strains: 31 approximately

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  • Extensive collection of seeds

  • Ships worldwide

  • Discounts on payment w/ Bitcoins

  • Strains: 3000 approx

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Quebec Cannabis SeedsQuebec Cannabis Seeds

  • Best Canadian Seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Stealth packaging & fast shipping

  • Strains: 130 approx

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Seed Supreme SeedBankSeed Supreme SeedBank

  • Free seeds with every order

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Loyalty programs & sales

  • Strains: 4000 approx

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Amsterdam Marijuana SeedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds

  • User-friendly website

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Extensive & illustrative guides

  • Strains: 135 approx

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Attitude SeedbankAttitude Seedbank

  • One of the largest seed bank

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Marijuana merchandises

  • Strains: 2000 approx

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Nirvana ShopNirvana Shop

  • Finest quality seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Collection of various award-winning seeds

  • Strains: 64 approx

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Growers Choice SeedsGrowers Choice Seeds

  • New & innovative medical cannabis seed range

  • Ships Worldwide

  • High-quality seed, strains, and genetics

  • Strains: 50+ approx

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1. I love growing marijuana

I love growing marijuana

Specs & Features
Fast shipping and delivery
Stealthy packaging
Guaranteed delivery and germination
Strains:- 100 approximately
Shipping:- USA, Australia, New Zealand, West-European countries
Located:- Amsterdam, Netherlands
Payment method:- Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit, Bitcoin

I love growing marijuana is a well-recognized and trusted cannabis seed supplier. Started as a blog in 2012 by Robert Bergman, it grew into a seed supplying business and guide for people to grow there own weed, especially with ease. Robert has experience of over two decades of growing marijuana on various scales, and the same reflects in the seed supply, strain quality, and guide he provides.

Robert, with his knowledge and experience, have prepared numerous strains and have brought different breeders together for the supply of high-quality and different varieties of cannabis seeds. Therefore, they are more suppliers than a seed bank. They have some high-quality 100+ strains, including feminized seeds, auto-flowering, medical, mix packs, for beginners, and also with nutrients and grow kits. You can buy strains with high THC, extreme THC, medical strains with high CBD, and CBD oil.

And, If you’re a beginner, then no place can be better than I love growing marijuana. They have a user-friendly website, which helps you pick what you want to grow even without any prior knowledge. For amateurs, they have starter kits, easy strains, beginners guides, and other guides written by Robert himself, and a quick quiz to help you guide on your pick. And, they also ship seeds with a germination guarantee.

Medical Grow Kit
Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Runtz Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

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The best part of the service from I love growing marijuana is their experience in the business with discreet packaging and guaranteed delivery. You’re very likely to receive your order soon, in stealthy and careful packaging. They also entertain customers with reshipping of orders not received or lost in transit, and also with discount coupons for their next order. They ship to the United States of America, New Zealand, and most of the West-European countries with various easy and secure payment options.

Medical Grow Kit
Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Runtz Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

Buy Top Cannabis Seeds

  • Fast shipping
  • Discreet packing
  • Guaranteed delivery and germination
  • Limited strains

2. Marijuana Seeds NL

Marijuana Seeds NL

Specs & Features
Best prices
Multiple genetic lines and strains
Offers discount and free seeds
Strains:- 120 approximately
Shipping:- Ships worldwide
Located:- Netherlands
Payment Method:- Credit/Debit card, Cash, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin

In operation since 1999, the MSNL seed bank is the original seed bank, just as they say. Founded by Christian and Ben with their experience of smoking and traveling, the bank grew with their collection and creation through masterful genetics. They have a plethora of strains and genetic lines through which they supply some of the best seeds.

They have 40 different genetic lines, including some rich landrace strains and even 10 of their strain creations. With this line of genetics and strains, MSNL has high strength, high yielding, and consistently stable strain in cannabis seeds. They also stock up seeds with Cannabis Cup and High Times award-winning genetics.

From their wide range of seed offerings, you can shop seeds based on growing conditions like indoors and outdoors, product category with high yield or high THC with different THC levels, and also medical marijuana with the high and low levels of CBD. You can also choose seeds with flowering time and expected height.

MSNL offer cannabis seeds in feminized, auto-flowering, regular, and different strain type and also in different categories listed above for the best personalized grow. They offer value packs and also sell seeds in wholesale, which is beneficial for cultivators and breeders. You are also likely to receive free seeds with your order from MSNL.

The best part of service is their highest rates of successful shipment of orders. Their discreet billing and shipping result in a high shipping success rate. They also ship worldwide and accept various modes of payment for secure shopping. You can use credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, and even bitcoins to place your order on their website. You can also send them cash against your order.

Medical Grow Kit
Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Runtz Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

Buy Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  • High-quality seeds in wide strain variety
  • Discreet billing and shipping
  • Value packs, wholesale offering, and free seeds with orders
  • None

3. Crop King Seed

Crop King Seed

Specs & Features
Ships worldwide
Active customer support
Ships stealthy and smartly
Strains:- 31 approximately
Shipping:- Worldwide
Located:- Canada
Payment Method:- Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash

Crop King Seed is one of the largest seed companies located and operating in Canada with over 300 stores. They selectively pick and also breed high-quality seeds and strains for the best marijuana grow. As of now, they have high-quality 40 strains, including award-winning genetics from all over the world. And, they are also continually working on adding new strains from time to time.

They have a selection of indoor grow and outdoor grow of feminized, auto-flowering, medical, regular, and also mix and match seeds. And, if you have a hard time to decide, Crop King Seed is available 24/7 online on chat and also on call to help you decide seeds to pick. They go the extra mile in customer support and germination guide with their chat, filters, and guide available online along with the customer help center.

Crop King Seed ships worldwide and discreetly in an ingenious way. They ship seeds in different commodities for shipment outside Canada and in their original packaging in Canada. The shipment and packages are crush-proof for care and safety. The store offers guaranteed germination and reshipment of seeds in case of non-germination.

For seed shopping, you can walk in there any store in Canada, order online through their website, and also call them for order placement. They accept Visa and Mastercard, bank transfer in Canada, Bitcoin, and also cash in US and Canadian dollars through the mail. And, their shipment to the USA is one of the fastest.

  • Substantial offline presence in Canada
  • Guaranteed germination and high-quality strain quality
  • Discreet shipping outside Canada
  • Limited strain options

4. Seedsman


Specs & Features
The most extensive collection of seeds
Discounts on payment through Bitcoins
Ships discreetly
Strains:- 3000 approximately
Shipping:- Worldwide
Located:- Barcelona, Spain
Payment Method:- Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Cash, Bitcoin

Seedsman has the most extensive collection of marijuana seeds online with the supply of numerous dealers, breeders, and also, their collection of strains. The seed bank collects seeds from different banks, dealers, brands, breeders to offer a collection of over 3000 types of seeds to its customers. 

You can shop various seeds from different breeders on their site with vast collection and selection options. If you’re looking for any specific strains, their strain filter is one of a kind with a listed selection of strain, sex, type of seeds, effects, breeders, grow type, price, and a lot, lot more. Their filters are not just for strain type, they also have medical marijuana filters for specific ailments, and selection of seeds with high THC.

They offer regular, feminine, and auto-flowering seeds for your preferred grow. You can also rely on their regular seeds for no genetic alteration. Their collection has various characteristics for you to choose from, along with great deals and different collections for different types of growers. You are much likely to receive seeds of your choice with the flavor, feature, grow, yield, and more with their range of variety and customization of the orders.

They ship stealthy and worldwide, however not so fast. They have various payment options like credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, cash, and Bitcoin. You have chances of up to 25% off on your orders when you pay via Bitcoin. You can also enjoy their loyalty programs, freebies with orders, and also free shipping to many places.



  • A comprehensive collection of strains and seeds
  • Various filters for customized purchase
  • Special offers on Bitcoin payments
  • The site faces payment issues
  • Customer support unresponsive

5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Specs & Features
Best Canadian Seeds
Stealth packaging and fast shipping
Guaranteed germination
Strains:- 130 approximately
Shipping:- Worldwide
Located:- Canada
Payment Method:- Visa and Mastercard

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the best suppliers of the finest Canadian marijuana seeds. Their seeds are ideal for commercial as well as personal use. Despite being relatively new in the industry, they have been lately prevalent for their high-quality seeds and supply. They are into seeds business for more than a decade and a half and also breed their own strains now.

They have nearly 130 strains available for sale, which are carefully hand-picked and even bred. Their own bred strains and seeds have higher potential against common problems in marijuana growing. And, therefore, their seeds are ideal for beginners, amateurs, and also for expert growers.

They have feminized, auto, regular, medical seeds, and also mixed packs for sale. They also list seeds from various brands and dealers like BC Bud Depot, Bomb Seeds, Next Generation Seeds, and more. Their limited edition seeds are there own bred seeds, and special section features some of the most popular and award-winning strains.

They ship worldwide and discreetly on your request. And, accept payment via Visa and Mastercard.

  • High-quality potential seeds
  • Limited edition self bred strains
  • Limited payment option
  • Less active customer support

6. Seed Supreme SeedBank

Seed Supreme SeedBank

Specs & Features
Best variety from various seed banks
Loyalty programs and sales
Free seeds with every order
Strains:- 4000 approximately
Shipping:- Worldwide
Located:- United Kingdom
Payment Method:- Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Cash, and Bitcoin

Seed Supreme is the best source of seeds from different seed banks. The best advantage is that they ship seeds from banks that do not ship to the USA. They have a wide variety of strains and seeds, including their own strains of high quality. They supply seeds from high reputed seedbanks like Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, Green House company, Dinafem, Royal Queen Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Humboldt seed banks, and a lot more.

Seed Supreme has a collection of over 4000 different seeds. The collection includes strains from more than 100 breeders and also their own. The collection has untouched landrace strains of the highest quality and also feminized, auto-flowering, and regular seeds of various strains. You can also shop for their extensive collection of medical strains with high CBD, hot strains that are very popular, staff picks, and high THC strains.

They have loyalty programs running along with sales on various seeds for the best value of your money. They also ship free seeds feminized of the same strain you ordered along with every order. They ship worldwide and discreetly in various commodities. Payment methods accepted are Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Cash, and Bitcoin. Also, do not forget to go through their blogs on cannabis and its various other properties discussed and explained thoroughly.

  • Huge collection of seeds and strains from various seedbanks
  • Loyalty programs, discounts, and sales
  • Accepts Bitcoins
  • Slow shipping

7. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Specs & Features
User-friendly website
Extensive and illustrative guides
Offers an exclusive discount on Bitcoin payment
Strains:- 135 approximately
Shipping:- Worldwide
Located:- Amsterdam, Netherlands
Payment Method:- Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash, Bitcoin

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is around for about two decades, and the experience helps them delivery exceptional quality marijuana seeds. The seed bank has a network of Dutch breeders for the supply of their strains and seeds and also develops their own. They have various collection of award-winning strains and high-potent strain seeds. 

Their website is of great help and not just for shopping seeds but for the guide to growing them. The vast selection of seeds on the website has a comprehensive filter option to get you what you want. You can filter seed option with seed type, grow type, THC level, growing environment, plant size, yield, growing difficulty, and flowering type.

Furthermore, they have great pieces of advice in the form of guides on the website. Detailed marijuana grows guide, illustrated germination guide, and their seed chart will their seeds listed with prices, their strains, and specifications. You can also refer to their seed map for your increased knowledge of seeds.

They offer all types of seeds, regular, auto-flowering, feminized, and their premium line of seeds in various types. You can order a different range of seeds from them like medical seeds, cheap seeds, hybrid, and also, combination packages. The shipping from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is sent discreetly and in crush-proof packaging. They accept various payment methods like Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash, and Bitcoin. They offer an exclusive 10% off when you pay through Bitcoin.

  • Accepts various payment options including Bitcoin
  • Ships discreetly in crush-proof packaging
  • Offers discounts on Bitcoin payment
  • Limited strains

8. Attitude Seedbank 

Attitude Seedbank

Specs & Features
One of the largest seed bank
Marijuana merchandises
Cup-winning strains
Strains:- 2000 approximately
Shipping:- Worldwide
Located:- United Kingdom
Payment Method:- Credit/Debit Cards, International Gift Cards, Bank Transfer, Cash, Cryptocurrencies

Attitude Seedbank is one of the largest suppliers of marijuana seeds from various other seed banks, breeders, and brands. They have approximately 2000 types of strains, including various cup winning strains like Kosher Kush, Amnesia Hesh, Sour Amnesia, and a lot more from the cup and award-winning brands.

They have a massive list of seed brands and seed types listed to help you choose your preference, including feminized, auto-flowering, and regular seeds. You can pick and mix singles from their website and shop as you want. They ship worldwide and accept a plethora of payment options, including Debit cards, Credit Cards, International gift cards, bank transfer, cash, and all sort of Cryptocurrency. They also entertain orders over the phone.

They ship discreetly worldwide in different commodities and pretty quickly. Their shipment takes standard mail time for domestic and international shipping. They even send free seeds with your order. You can also opt for the super discreet and guaranteed shipping option for assured and safe delivery of your seeds. They re-ship undelivered orders, which comes back to them.

Besides, they have several marijuana merchandise like bags and apparel from various brands for you to shop along.

  • Huge collection of strains
  • Award and cup-winning strains
  • Accepts a variety of payment methods
  • Do not entertain reshipment of lost orders

9. Nirvana Shop

Nirvana Shop

Specs & Features
Finest quality seeds
Collection of various award-winning seeds
Best Prices available online
Strains:- 64 approximately
Shipping:- Worldwide
Located:- Amsterdam, Netherlands
Payment Methods:- Mastercard Credit Cards, Bitcoins, and iDeal payment platform

Nirvana is one of the highly reputed and positively reviewed seed bank. They are also one of the oldest suppliers of seeds in the Netherlands and also outside. Their collection includes various awards and Cannabis Cup winning strains, which are developed by them. And, the best part is that they are the suppliers of the highest quality seeds at the lowest prices. Their seeds also have the best germination rate.

Nirvana Shop has collections for different types of cultivators and has seeds, especially for beginners, which have endurance and are relatively easy to grow. They have the best quality, feminized seeds, auto-flowering, and regular seeds. You have a choice to choose predominantly Indicia, Sativa, and Hybrid seeds.

Choose seeds the way you want your grow to be with filters for use, height, yield, flowering time, and more and enjoy the preferable grow of your weeds. Apart from seeds, they have yield kits with growth solution and germination kits to help you boost your germination with germination soil formula on innovation scoop labels. 

They have regular weekly deals and various popular seeds on sale most of the time. With an experience of several decades, Nirvana Shop ships very discreetly around the world. You are very likely to receive your order in 2 to 4 weeks in the USA, along with their very supportive customer service, which reverts you very quickly upon contact.

  • High-quality seeds with high germination rates
  • Collection of award-winning seeds and strains
  • Discreet shipping and excellent customer support
  • None

10. Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds

Specs & Features
Guarantee 90% germination rate
High-quality seed, strains, and genetics
New and innovative medical cannabis seed range
Strains:- 50+ approximately
Shipping:- Worldwide
Located:- California, USA
Payment Methods:- Credit/Debit Cards, payment by mail, Zelle, Interrac eTransfer, Bitcoin

No guesswork with Growers Choice Seeds. They sell every seed full feminized for you not to waste your time in anything unwanted. Growers Choice Seeds is a California based seed bank with approximately 50 plus strains of best cannabis seeds available for sale online. They have a range of best auto-flowering strains, feminized seed, and high CBD medical seeds.

Their medical range of seeds is new and innovative. They are listed on their website with their positive effects on your mind and body to help you choose for you. They are also positively reviewed on the internet by their customers.

They ship discreetly in medical-grade vials for best germinating seeds along with detailed product descriptions for more exceptional results. The best part is that they promise fresh seed, especially hand-picked and inspected, with a 90% germination guarantee. And, if that doesn’t happen, they reship you the number of non-germinated seeds.

They ship worldwide and accept various payment methods. You can pay via Visa and Mastercard or send them payment via mail. For the USA, they accept Zelle and Interac eTransfer for Canada. And, for anonymous payment, you can also pay via Bitcoins.

  • Ships seeds in medical-grade glass vials
  • Accepts multiple payment options
  • Ships very fast in the USA
  • Limited strains

More About Marijuana Seeds and Plant

Well, if you are here looking for seeds, then you probably know what marijuana is and what are its properties. However, for more considerable know-how of the world of cannabis, we have a detailed piece of information below. It will help you with a better understanding of these fantastic plant genus and will help you pick seeds for your grows.


Cannabis plants’ genus is best known for its psychoactive and non-psychoactive properties, which are widely used for recreational and medicinal use, respectively. The fascinating plant of cannabis has a history parallel to the earliest human societies and is capable of great things when used correctly.

From hundreds of active compounds present in the plant, the two main THC and CBD are most well-known. Cannabis with higher THC is used for recreational purposes, which provides a user with a pleasant euphoria, stress relief, heightened sensory perception, and a lot more, which differs from user to user. Cannabis with higher CBD is used for the medicinal purpose helps the user with anxiety, pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, and more.

Cannabis plants for these different uses are grown from different strains of seeds and plants developed for purposes. Let’s now know what these strains of the cannabis plant are.

Cannabis strains

Variations in cannabis cultivation on different land have resulted in many types of strains (types) developed in different areas. Strains are the variations of the cannabis plant having differential properties. Properties like effect, appearance, growth height, and a few more relating to buds, seeds, smell, and more, which are developed by crossbreeding and more.

Native habitat or initial cultivated or grown cannabis on a particular area, land, region which were not crossbred or hybrid is called landrace strains.

Check these top strains:

Medical Grow Kit
Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Runtz Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

Buy Top Cannabis Seeds

The process of hybridization of these landraces strains collected and cultivated on different lands resulted in new types of strains. And, now we have thousands of strains in the cannabis plant and their seeds for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Furthermore, the three main classifications of these strains which are the species of cannabis are:-

(i) Cannabis Indica

(ii) Cannabis Sativa

(iii) Cannabis Ruderalis

(iv) And, Hybrid

Crossbreeding of the above strains in various proportions results in a new hybrid strain, which is usually named by the breeder. Further breeding, crossbreeding, between landraces, hybrids, and more have in various numbers and various times results in strains of desired characteristics for various purposes. Some have higher psychoactive potential, and others have higher medicinal advantages, whereas hybrids also have a balance of both.

Different strains can be grown with the help of seeds of the strains developed by breeders, horticultural, and more. These seeds get you the desired plant, grow, flowers, and properties for your use and are now advanced for purposes. Let’s see below.

Types of seeds

Cannabis is a flowering plant, which consists of two sexes that are male and female. They have little different anatomy, and the main difference for most recreational and medicinal use is the presence of buds.

Female plants produce buds that consist of a cluster of pistils, calyxes, leaves, and the essential cannabis resins. These buds containing the resin is the storehouse of the cannabinoids, the properties of cannabis.

The bud blooms extensively in the flowering period until the flower of the female is not pollinated by the male and delivers buds of exceptional quality and size for the best properties of the cannabis.

The need for obtaining buds gave rise to different types of seeds for cultivation, which is below:-

  1. Feminized Seeds:- Feminized seeds are specially bred to yield female plants. They have a success rate of 95% in recent years and are the best choice for growing plants that are going to yield buds. They save your energy of scrapping male plants before they pollinate the females and also save up space and energy, which could have been wasted upon male plants.
  2. Auto-flowering Seeds:- Autoflowering seeds like feminized seeds are bred to grow and mature quickly. They automatically start flowering by quickly moving on from the vegetative state without specific light and temperature. Cultivation of auto-flowering seeds results in quicker flowering for buds. However, all the autos are not females and don’t require the removal of normal males, which will mature much later than the autos. Removal of autos male becomes a mandate for best buds.
  3. Regular Seeds:- Regular seeds are the conventional standard seeds. They are not bred like feminine or auto-flowering for desired and quick yield. They are natural, and males and females can be in any number. Cultivation of these seeds requires constant monitoring and several weeks for the grow. However, regular seeds are preferred by experts and professional cultivators for authentic and unaltered properties and more.

Germination and growth

After the understanding of the cannabis plant, strain selection, and selection of the type of seeds, it’s now germination of seeds and growth of the plants.

Your procured seed now needs germination before plantation. Ensure your seeds are mature for germination when they are hard and brown. For germination, the most common and best practice is the paper towel technique. Germinate your seeds patiently in a damp paper towel in a warm and dark place and transfer them in soil when they split and pop the main stem or in the hydroponic setup.

After germination, you can grow your plants outdoors or indoors. Plantation indoors will require a dedicated setup with controlled light, temperature, and nutrition. Whereas, plantation outdoors will require a private sunny space in the season with preparation to protect plants from excess temperature, rain, wind, and more.

Growing cannabis is a job of persistence and patience. And, also requires commitment and knowledge. Also, as you have decided to grow your own, let’s take a quick recap and carefully understand the care you should take while you buy marijuana seeds online.

What to look for while buying marijuana seeds online?

It is always a better decision to grow your cannabis. Therefore, we have a list of things to take care of before you shop for marijuana seeds online.

  1. The apprehension of laws and regulation pertaining to cannabis is a must before ordering
  2. Opt for reputed seed banks which are positively reviewed by its customer base
  3. Go through their payment, shipping, and customer service policies
  4. Look for strains according to your preference, grow, and space restriction
  5. Choose types of seeds according to your preference
  6. Order a few for the first time and order more if everything goes well
  7. Ensure stealth and safe shipping
  8. Ensure services of reshipment or refund of orders not received or seized by customs
  9. Also, look for sale, loyalty programs, and more for the best value of your money

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Best Online Seeds Banks that Ships to the USA

1. Where can I buy seeds online?

There are various seed banks to order seeds online. 10 best of them are listed in the above blog that ships to the USA and the rest of the world. These banks are reputed and reliable for best seeds, best genetics, and stealth shipping of your seeds to you. You can find your seeds direct in your mailbox when you order online.

2. What seed bank has the best genetics?

There are numerous seed banks with the best genetics and award-winning strains. You can shop seed with the best genetics from I love growing marijuana, Marijuana Seeds NL, Seedsman, Nirvana shop, and also from other seed banks listed above in the blog.

3. Is it illegal to send seeds in the mail?

Federal law doesn’t legalize sending of seeds in the mail for growing, selling purposes, and more. However, there is no penalty or charge imposed on the recipient of the seeds, which are confiscated by the customs or authorities.

4. What are the best-feminized seeds?

You can buy feminized seeds of almost every strain possible. Discover various seedbanks in the above blog which supply the best seeds and a wide variety of feminized seeds. You can find best from I love growing marijuana, Seed Supreme SeedBank, Nirvana Shop, Amsterdam Marijuana Shop, Attitude Seedbank, and more.

5. What is a Landrace strain?

A landrace strain is pure cannabis strain from its natural habitat or place of cultivation. It is not crossbred and is pure in a form unlike hybrid strains cultivated from breeding different strains. Landrace strains are generally Indica, Sativa, or Ruderalis.

6. Are Seedsman Seeds any good?

Please go through the detailed review of Seedsman Seeds in our blog above for a better understanding. They have a huge collection of strains and seeds from different brands and breeders and also provide high-quality seeds. However, they have a little busy customer support and faces payment issues sometimes.

7. What are the highest yielding strains?

The highest yielding strains popular in the cannabis community are Amnesia Haze, Super Skunk, Super Silver Haze, Strawberry Kush, Sour Diesel, and various others.

8. How do you germinate seeds?

The best way to germinate seeds is the paper towel technique. Wet paper towel and remove dripping water. Place matured seeds carefully in the towel and cover. Place the damp towel with seeds in a plate or a container with lid lightly placed on it, and keep it in a dark place with a temperature between 70 to 90-degrees Fahrenheit.

The culmination:

Growing your cannabis is the best way to be assured of the qualities and properties you want, unlike shopping roadside, which gives you no control over what you’ll get. Therefore, shopping for seeds and growing your own weed is best for the enthusiast.

Shopping seeds online for your grow can be a little stressful. However, the list above of best online seed banks that ships to the USA must have reduced your worries into almost nothing. They have got the best genetics, a variety of strains, all the seed options, and a discreet method of shipping to send your seeds to you pretty quickly and safely.

These banks are the safest option to buy the best quality seeds with a germination guarantee, best deals, and great value of money. With their tremendous experience, you will get only the best. So, order your seeds right away and grow what you want and also how you want.


  • Rob Wilson

    Rob Wilson is a maverick horticulturist and alchemist of the herbal world. With an uncanny green thumb and a passion for unlocking the secrets of cannabis cultivation and processing, he blends science and artistry to orchestrate nature's most intricate symphony. Rob's journey is an odyssey of coaxing delicate trichomes and potent terpenes into harmonious existence. When not lost in his garden, he's a devoted educator, guiding fellow enthusiasts through the verdant realms of cannabis cultivation.