Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) Reviews (2024): Best Seed Made in Canada

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) is one of the most popular names when it comes to the world of seed banks based in Canada. This is one of the most popular and trusted names in the Canadian as well as global seed bank industry and has been around for quite a while now. Here, we have compiled the complete Quebec Cannabis Seeds review which reviews not only the website and the delivery services, but looks at every aspect of QCS such as payment options, price, and quality of seeds, etc.

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Seed Banks are essentially online businesses and many a times newcomers into the world of growing marijuana have a hard time when it comes to deciding which seed bank to go for. We hope that our review of Quebec Cannabis Seeds provides readers with a good understanding of what to expect from the platform. Let us take a closer look into QCS, but before that – let us first look at what a seed bank actually is and what it does:

What is a Seed Bank?

A seed bank is essentially like a store for seeds. There are a number of options available for you if you want to grow regular plants which you can even find in your neighbourhood. However, marijuana seed banks are specialized stores which ensure that they collect seeds from various different strains of plants all of which have a different taste and a different chemical composition – which result in a different kind of a high for each of them. 

Best Seed Bank Alternatives in 2022

MSNL is so popular that it needs no introduction in the community. They have a wide range of products and ship orders worldwide. They accept payment in varied ways including currency transfer and bitcoins.

It is one of the most trusted and well-known names in the cannabis industry. It ships worldwide and has numerous payment options including bitcoins.

This seed bank entered the market in 2005 and has been one of the dominating names since then. It ships in a large number of countries and accepts all sets of standard payment options including cryptocurrencies.

Marijuana seed banks also separate the seeds into various other categories such as feminized, autoflowering, medicinal, etc. This helps buyers ensure that they are getting the right kind of seed and that they will be able to grow the right kind of weed of their choice with ease. There are a number of seed banks in Canada and Quebec Cannabis Seeds (also known as the Quebec Seed Bank) is one of the most popular names! Here’s a look at our review of Quebec Cannabis Seeds:

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review: Why is it One of the Best Seed Banks in Canada?

Based out of Montreal, Quebec (duh!) the company has been a popular name which has supplied seeds to Canadian citizens (and many beyond Canada) for years. In this Quebec Cannabis Seeds review, we will gauge it on various parameters and will try to come to a final rating for this seed bank. Here we go:

  • Price and Quality 

In terms of price and quality, we would say that the Quebec Cannabis Seeds seed bank should be rated quite high. The price that the company sells their seeds at is almost at par with most other seed banks in the markets but there’s a difference when you look at some common strains such as Northern Lights, etc. as QCS tends to sell it at a somewhat cheaper rate (though the difference isn’t much). The company has strains of weed which are great for recreational smokers as well as for those who want them for medicinal purposes. There are seeds which grow indoors as well as outdoors – making QCS one of the best places to offer you a good price and quality combination.

In terms of Price and Quality, we rate Quebec Cannabis Seeds 4/5

  • Payment Options

While most seed banks tend to offer a large number of payment options, the Quebec Seed Bank sort of lacks out in this aspect. While the company does support payments via Mastercard and Visa cards, they also support direct transfers. However, there’s one problem – the company does not generally support cryptocurrencies but it can make an exception for trusted customers or for those who want to order in larger quantities. However, during our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review, we found the payment options are not their strong suit.

In terms of payment options, we rate Quebec Cannabis Seeds 2.75/5

  • Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility is the hardest part for a online business to establish, and particularly for one which deals in marijuana related products. Quebec Cannabis Seeds has, however, managed to do that pretty well. For over 15 years, the company has been providing seeds to its consumer base from all over Canada and even from around the world. This has led to a lot of trust among the users and a number of new users come to them via word of mouth publicity, which is a huge deal! 

In terms of trust and credibility, we rate Quebec Cannabis Seeds 3.75/5

  • Shipping and Return Policies

The company supports global shipping and will ship your order to wherever in the world you want it to be shipped! The packaging is discreet and neither the name of the company nor what is contained inside it will be written anywhere on it. While shipping the seeds in Canada is not a hard task, shipping them out of Canada where the laws might be strict is a little difficult. To overcome this difficulty, the company sends seeds concealed in various products like a pen or a shirt, etc. However, one thing that is to be known is that the stealth shipping options do not work all the time and there are times that customs might seize the order because of the illegal contents inside it and it may remain undelivered. There is no return or refund policy. 

In terms of Shipping and Return Policies, we rate Quebec Cannabis Seeds 3.25/5

  • Contact and Customer Support

For any online company, particularly one dealing in marijuana related products, the customers need to be able to get in touch with them because there are often so many problems and confusions and delays that might take place. In this front too, we found out during our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review, the company does not impress much. There’s no 24×7 hotline and there’s only one number for national as well as international callers which remains closed on weekends and after work hours on weekdays. Users have an option to mail the company too.

In terms of Contact and Customer Support we rate Quebec Cannabis Seeds 2.25/5

Final Rating: 3.2/5

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Product Review: 5 Best Seeds Reviewed

Now that you have read our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review, here’s a closer look at some of the best products that the company has to offer. These are some seeds that you can consider to order if you are planning to buy seeds from the company.

1. Northern Lights Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Northern Lights is usually a common strain which is found across many other marketplaces and seed banks online. However, the strain of Northern Lights that we found on this platform during our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review was the feminized and ‘fast’ version which isn’t that common. This comes in a pack of five seeds and offers fast-flowering buds that are resinous. This is basically a hybrid of indica and sativa but indica is the dominating strain over here. What truly makes it a great variant to smoke up is the sweet aroma that comes from the weed. 

Now we talked earlier about it being a fast-flowering variant. It takes only about 8 weeks for the flowers to show up. This is a really cool feature of this strain and the price, too, is quite affordable. Also, when you grow this strain indoors, there’s a chance it might start flowering a little earlier than the scheduled time. Indoor height of the plant is expected to be around 1.2 meters while the outdoor height can reach up to 2 meters. It has a THC level of over 15%

2. Amnesia Haze XL Cannabis Seeds Autoflower

With Sativa being the dominating strain in this hybrid, it comes with 18% THC levels which makes it a strong variety of marijuana seed which can be bought by stoners who want to smoke for recreational purposes and want to get a good high out of the bud. The genetics of this variety can be traced all the way to South Asia and Jamaica and what is also great about this pack of marijuana seeds is that they are autoflowering – meaning the grower doesn’t really have to make changes to the light cycle to prompt the flowering process to start.

Amnesia Haze XL, when bought from Quebec Cannabis Seeds, can grow indoors as well as outdoors and provides a high which makes you all energetic and jumpy as opposed to indica dominated strains such as Northern Lights. The harvest time takes about 70 to 85 days after the germination stage is over, making it a really quick-growing strain of weed. This is something that growers should try out as it is both autoflowering as well as quick-growing.

3. Auto CBD Kush Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are always great for growers as they do not have to worry about separating the male and the female plant later in the stage of their growth. This strain of marijuana seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds seed bank offers the users with 8% CBD content and 8% THC content. Usually, THC content is much higher than the CBD content but in this there’s a high amount of CBD content too – as obvious in the name of the strain. 

It takes this seed about 70 to 80 days after germination to reach the flowering stage. The plant grows indoors and is a genetic cross between Kandy Kush and another CBD dominant strain. Moreover, in the Indica-Sativa mix, this is more of a Indica-dominating strain which has a relaxing effect on the stoner. This is great for those looking forward to smoke weed for its medicinal qualities because it helps the smokers with pain relief. The flavour that it has to offer is also quite unique. 

4. Blueberry Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Now this is a stoner’s delight! Growers who are new to the world of growing marijuana would find it pretty easy to grow this weed as this is a feminized seed as well as a fast version of a good tasting strain! When you begin to grow this seed, it will eventually evolve into a beautiful plant with fan-shaped leaves and bud which is purpleish in colour. It offers a very relaxing high which is what the smokers love about it. It also leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth after you’ve smoked it! 

This is an indica dominated strain, as seen by the relaxing effect it has on the smoker. The THC% is pretty high here, meaning that you will feel quite buzzed after you smoke it – the THC levels are at 20.33%. The flowering time that it takes is also pretty less as it can produce flowers in about 50 to 55 days after the germination stage is complete. It can be grown indoors as well as outdoors with ease. 

5. Auto Quebec Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized

This is the autoflowering and feminized variant of the Quebec Super Skunk strain. Genetically speaking, this is a cross between Skunk #1, along with the Afghani strain and also has a third strain, an auto-flowering hybrid. It can grow indoors as well as outdoors and takes about 60 to 65 days from germination to enter the flowering stage. This, too, is an Indica dominant strain and has a soothing and relaxing effect on the grower. 

The plant produces tasty and thick buds which are great to smoke. Given the Afghani Hash variant that is mixed into the genetics of these buds, they are a great choice for both – people who are looking for a relaxing effect to reduce and alleviate pain as well as for people who are looking forward to smoke weed to get a ‘high’ out of it.

Why Should You Choose Quebec Cannabis Seeds?

Let us take one last look at some of the good things about Quebec Cannabis Seeds – i.e. the reasons as to why you should choose this company over the others. After reading our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review, a look at this is likely to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should be ordering your marijuana seeds from their platform:

  • Regular Sales Promotions and Discounts: One great thing about ordering your marijuana seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds is that they offer a large number of promotions and discounts. This is a good reason as to why you should check out the platform as there are always some seeds which are available at a discounted price and then there are coupon codes which can help reduce the price even more! This is a great option for buyers as they know that they are certain to get a better bang for their buck if they choose to buy from Quebec Cannabis Seeds than compared to any other seed bank in Canada.
  • Large Variety of Seeds: We observed during our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review that the company offers not only seeds which are a locally grown strain from Quebec, but they also provide growers with many international varieties of weed which they are probably importing from breeders. These are high-quality options for buyers who want good flavour as well as a good high. The company has seeds which are good for recreational smokers as well as for those who want to smoke weed because of its medicinal effects. 
  • Germination Success: Another reason as to why you should consider buying seeds from this company after reading our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review is because the company’s seeds are generally known to have a high germination probability compared to many other seed banks. A number of users have reviewed in the past informing about how the entire bunch of seeds they bought managed to grow into plants! Given that there’s always a chance of about 10-20% of the seeds going bad, this is a pretty good success rate. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding QCS

Here’s a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions 

  • Am I breaking the law by buying seeds online?

The answer to this question depends on where you stay and what your local laws relating to marijuana are. If you order these seeds in Canada, where the laws allow you to purchase marijuana and marijuana related products for medicinal as well as recreational use, you are free to order them online and you are not breaking any law. Similarly, if you live beyond Canada, you need to check the local laws. For example, you can legally order them in California but you can’t in Texas because the local laws forbid it.

  • Do all seeds grow into plants?

The long and short of this is – no. There is no 100% success rate that all the seeds that you buy will germinate. Sometimes it is the growers fault and sometimes it is the sellers fault. But usually, the rate of failure is very low – and especially when you buy seeds from seed banks. The rate of failure can be as low as 10 to 20% which means a majority of your seeds (or in fact even all of them) are going to grow into plants. However, always be ready for the odd possibility of some of them not germinating.

  • How to know which is the best seed for your needs?

Different options of seeds are available online based on taste, strains, etc. You can choose the ones that you feel will fit the bill for you. You can also choose to see the THC% and CBD% in these seeds when you buy them so that you know exactly what you are going to get. It is a very subjective thing and it is based solely on your needs that you can choose to buy the seeds that you want. 

  • How can I pay to buy these seeds?

When you buy your marijuana seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds, you can choose to pay them using Mastercard, Visa cards, and direct bank transfers. For larger orders and for trusted users the company might even make an exception and allow cryptocurrencies but that isn’t available to all users.

  • Are the contents of the packaging going to be discreet?

Yes, the packaging is going to be quite discreet. The seeds will be delivered in a plain brown box if you order them from Canada and in a package containing another item such as a shirt or a t-shirt if you choose to order them from an area where marijuana isn’t legal.


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Quebec Cannabis SeedsQuebec Cannabis Seeds

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In conclusion, we must say that this is one of the classic cases of ‘a little bit of ups and a little bit of downs’ because while the Quebec Cannabis Seeds seed bank has a lot to offer to the buyers in terms of the price-quality combination, the variety of strains, etc., there are also a lot of reasons as to why the buyers might be upset with the company because of their shipping policy and also because of the fact that they do not take returns. The company is an above-average marijuana seeds specialist seed bank but there’s still a lot of improvement that they need to do to be among the best seed banks in 2024. It seems that QCS hasn’t really evolved with times but one thing that has consistently grown is the trust and the credibility that it has amid the growers community! 

We hope our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review helped you make an informed decision about buying seeds from the website! 

Happy Growing 🙂


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