Different Types of Weed: Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Strains

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Marijuana has been smoked by humans since thousands of years. It started off as a herb that used to grow in the wild and was later cultivated. It has been used for recreational purposes, for medicinal purposes, for cultural and religious purposes. It has been used as a food and a beverage. It has been smoked, drank, eaten and even vaped. It has been morphed into many different forms over the years and has been consumed all over the world. Today, weed has taken a whole new form – it grows indoors, is seen as a taboo by a majority of the population, and can be consumed in more forms than ever before. Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at the different types of weed.

Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Ganja, Mary Jane, Pot, whatever name you might want to call it by – it is all the same. Thanks to the advancement in technology and thanks to our increasing understanding of plants and how they function, we can now genetically modify and create newer varieties of weed which match our tastes and preferences in a manner like ever before! Are you someone who doesn’t like the smell of weed? There’s a strain for you. Are you someone who prefers it to be sour? There’s a strain for you! Are you someone who is looking forward to smoking weed for a specific benefit? There’s a specific strain for you.

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In this article, we shall examine what Sativa and Indica are – and what are the basic differences between the two. We shall also take a closer and detailed look at some other ‘hybrid’ strains of weed which are formed by mixing some sativa and indica plants together which give you a good high as well as have great medicinal benefits.

In addition to telling you about the different types of weed, we shall also focus on a section where we talk about good weed and bad weed and help you distinguish between the two so that you always know that you are buying the right kind of weed and are not being duped either!

Let us start off at the basics – the two main types of strains of weed:

Indica vs Sativa: Understanding the Two Basic Strains of Marijuana

As the name of the strain suggests, Indica is the kind of weed which usually grows around the Indian subcontinent. It is the weed which you would find growing in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges and it grows in the regions of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey – even in some parts of China and Mongolia. The defining characteristic feature of this strain of weed is that the plants aren’t as tall as they are in the Sativa strain, but they are far more bushier and have a thicker foliage. Generally, the CBD content in the Sativa strain is a little higher than most Indica strains and these are the kind of marijuana plants which help you relax better. Indica strain of weed has a better medicinal value but also has a great recreational value to it.

In comparison, the Sativa strain of the cannabis plant grows much taller – sometimes even going beyond 10ft of growth if growing in an uncontrolled outdoors environment under ideal conditions. In order to get a proper growth, the Sativa strain of marijuana would require places which are generally cooler in terms of temperature but are also places where the sun is out for longer hours. West Asia, Central America and some parts of Africa are those places where you would find Sativa plants growing. It needs longer days and more exposure to light to grow well. Coming to the effect that the Sativa plants have on you, smoking these plants would mean that you get ‘high’ off them in a more efficient manner than you would if you were to smoke indica plants which are more relaxing and medicinal in nature. These Sativa plants are also great for those who want to focus better or do something creative and think in a broader manner. 

One thing that growers need to know that despite having similar properties, not all plants of the indica strain and not all plants of the sativa strain will give you the same effect. The kind of effect that the plant has on you also depends upon where it grows, what kind of soil, air, sunlight, nutrients and weather conditions it gets. Based on these factors, the taste, THC and CBD content, smell, etc. might differ from plant to plant.

Lastly, there’s something called a ‘hybrid strain’ – where indica and sativa plants are cross-bred to produce a different kind of a plant which has some properties of both the parent plants. If you like the taste of a sativa plant and the relaxing properties of an indica plant, crossbreeding the two might give you a plant which has the best of both worlds. Special ‘breeders’ test these things over years and produce cross-bred varieties of weed which are among some of the best kinds of weed you’ll ever smoke! 

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Different Types of Weed: The Best Marijuana Strains in 2024

Having fully understood what India, Sativa, and Hybrid strains of weed are, it is now the time for you to look at some of the best different types of weed. Here are the top three types of marijuana variants that each of these strains has to offer:

3 Best Indica Strains of Marijuana

Below are three of the best buds from the India strain of cannabis plants. The high that you get here is usually calming and soothing and helps you relax. 

1. Northern Lights 

One of the most popularly known strains of marijuana all over the world, Northern Lights is an instant classic. No matter where in the planet you live, this is a kind of bud that is universally loved and accepted. This is a particularly great choice for those kinds of stoners who want to consume marijuana for the medical benefits – which this bud is loaded with! Consuming the Northern Lights strain of marijuana helps immensely in reducing physical pain, joint inflammations and muscle spasms. If you are someone who frequently feels these muscular pains, you must consume it to feel relaxed and sleep better. People who have arthritis have also claimed great relief from smoking this bud. This carries a mix of the Afghani and Thai strains of the marijuana-indica plant. 

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2. Grape Ape

When we talk about different types of weed in the Indica category, the Grape Ape strain of marijuana is a top contender. The THC content in this strain can go as high as 25% in some cases which is capable of giving a very strong and potent body high to those seeking it. When you look at the parent plants of this strain, it comes after being crossed between Mendocino Purps and Afghani Skunk which are two strong indica strains. While it gets you all relaxed and comfortable it also uplifts your mood and makes you feel quite happy and comforted – a good strain to consume for those who face mood swings, non-clinical depression or traumatic incidents in the past. It gets its name from the grape-like berry-ish taste that it leaves in your mouth when you smoke it. 

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3. Dosido

Last of the Indica strains on our top-three list, the Dosido strain of marijuana continues to be a hot favorite of people looking forward to smoking different types of weed. For those who tend to feel very restless or have trouble sleeping, this bud works like magic! A little expensive in comparison to many other strains of marijuana, this is still worth every penny that you are going to spend on it because the kind of high it gives you is unlike any other. Not only does it help relieve pain, it also helps growers with a change in their mood – for those feeling a little low or facing the Monday Blues, this is a great way to feel better. 

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3 Best Sativa Strains of Marijuana

After the top 3 indica strains, here is a closer look at the top three different types of weed strains of the sativa strain. 

1. Purple Haze

Arguably the single most popular strain of marijuana all over the world – Purple Haze was brought into the pop culture and popularized all over the world by Jimi Hendrix’s song of the same name. The song pretty much describes the effects that this weed has on you. You feel it all in your mind and it gives you a ‘brain high’ rather than giving you a body high. Getting a brain high is one of the classic features of the Sativa strains of marijuana and this one fills you with energy and creativity. This strain of weed is good for those who are starting off because it usually has about 13 to 22% THC levels which are decent but not too much to handle and would be a comfortable high for a majority of the stoners.

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2. Green Crack

If you are someone who is looking forward to smoking some real good weed for the purpose of ‘getting high’ and no other reason, this is something you MUST try out. When going through different types of weed, Green Crack is just the right choice for stoners who want to cheer up a little. This has, over the years, proven to be a great mood lifter strain and has been very popular among those stoners who face mental health issues where they tend to face mild levels of depression or sadness.

This is also great for those stoners who need a rush of creative thoughts from time to time. The fragrance of this weed strain is also pretty good as it smells like freshly picked lemons! This is often considered ‘party weed’ as it is something that helps people get high and socialize.

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3. Bruce Banner

Named after the legendary comic character ‘Hulk’ – Bruce Banner was the name of his calmer alter ego. However, smoking this type of weed will give you a rush so crazy that you will feel yourself as energetic as the monster that the Incredible Hulk is. It comes with a LOT of THC concentrated in it – almost 30% and sometimes even more, which is enough to knock the socks off anyone after a while. One of the most potent types of weed on our list, it is strongly recommended that you consume it during the daytime else you might end up losing sleep at night because of all the energy it will fill you with! If you’re a beginner go easy on smoking this one as smoking too much will fill your head with more thoughts than you can handle! Nonetheless, this is perhaps one of the best weed strains 

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3 Best Hybrid Strains of Marijuana

Now that you know which are the best names when it comes to Indica and Sativa strains – here’s a mix of both of them. These are ‘Hybrid’ Strains of marijuana which is a totally different type of weed as it carries the properties of both its parent plants – energetic like the Sativas and healing like the Indicas! 

1. GG

GG is one of the best options you have when seeking for different and new types of marijuana strains. ‘GG’ is the popular name for Gorilla Glue strain of marijuana which has been named so because there’s actually a glue making company by that name and they really don’t want to be associated with this strain of marijuana. With a 50% mix of Sativa and Indica, smoking this weed would give you quite an intense high as it carries about 25% THC on an average. However, it also has a number of health benefits, particularly associated with mental health as it has been known to heal people facing depression and anxiety related issues and also helps them sleep better.

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2. Sour Diesel

A good choice if you are just starting off with smoking marijuana as it does not contain very high levels of THC – about 20%. This is decent enough to get you ‘high’ but not too strong to make you uncomfortable. One amazing characteristic of this type of weed is that it has a very unique and distinct taste to it which is berry-like and sour. This is why many breeders prefer crossing other strains of marijuana with this one so that the taste can be carried on to the offsprings. As it is a hybrid strain, it has medicinal benefits – particularly against pain relief and also towards easing stress and anxiety. All in all one of the best options for people seeking different types of weed.

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3. Pineapple Express

Last on our list of different types of weed but certainly a top-notch variety – the Pineapple Express has a fruity flavor and about 19 to 25% THC concentration which is good for those seeking a relaxing mind-high. It gives you creative thoughts but does not make you restless. The best way to enjoy it and unlock the full potential of this strain of marijuana is by smoking it up along with some nice and relaxing music playing in the background which will help you ease out into your couch and enter a different, happier zone. People who have problems focusing or are very restless, or tend to suffer from ADHD have been known to benefit from consuming this strain of marijuana as it helps them relax, focus and concentrate in a better manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Different Types of Weed

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about different types of weed and marijuana strains. Do go through them as you too might be having similar questions:

1. How To Differentiate Good Weed vs Bad Weed?

Good weed is usually a little moist and sticky, has a fresh green color to it than pale green, yellow or brown. Brown weed is the worst and must totally be avoided. It has a nice and fresh smell to it while bad weed usually smells musty and like a room that has been shut for years. Effect wise, good quality weed gets you relaxed or focused, unleashes creative thoughts. Smoking bad weed will give you anxiety and panic, and sometimes make you very drowsy. Lastly always check for molds. Good weed never has molds.

2. What are the side effects of weed?

Some of the most common side effects of smoking marijuana are red eyes, altered state of consciousness, not being able to tell how much time has passed, feeling that everything is either slowing down or speeding up. Dry mouth and feeling hungry are two other very common effects of smoking marijuana.

3. Which is the better strain? Sativa or Indica?

Honestly the answer to this depends upon you – why are you smoking weed. Do you wish to smoke it for ‘getting high’? Then Sativa might be a better choice. If you want to relax and feel better about some medical ailments then Indica plants might be a better option. In our list of different types of weed we’ve listed out how each strain affects you.


We hope that this article helped you learn more about weed and discover different types of weed strains. Do let us know in the comments or drop us an email if you think we’ve missed out your favorite strain! We hope that after reading this article you will be able to decide better as to what kind of weed you want to smoke.

….Happy Smoking!


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