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Crop King Seed (CKS Reviews) (2020) – Best Seed Bank from 2005



Crop King Seed Review
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Crop King Seed is one of the biggest, most popular and most trusted names when it comes to the world of seed banks. It is trusted by millions of growers from around the world for its food quality of seeds as well as for its after-sales services and customer support. However, many a first time buyers who don’t really know about this seed bank would like to know more about it before they buy their seeds from CKS. Here’s a Crop King Seed Review which provides all the information that you need to know before you place your first order from the company. 

What is a Seed Bank?

So you want to grow marijuana, but you don’t know how and where to start. You start at the basics: you start with a seed! Choosing the seed that you want to go ahead with is the first step towards growing a plant. In marijuana, you get seeds of various strains, and growing different seeds will give you plants with different properties – some plants will give you a better taste while there will be others where the bud will give you a better high. However, it is normally quite hard to get hold of these seeds – this is where seed banks come into the picture.

Imagine seed bank as a store with different types of seeds available. You can simply walk into one, or open the website of a seed bank such as Crop King Seed and order the kind of seeds that you deem fit for growing. A seed bank, simply put, is a marketplace from where you can get hold of different types of seeds – not necessarily only marijuana, but for all plants in general. However, Crop King Seed is a dedicated seed bank only for those who are looking forward to growing marijuana/cannabis.

Crop King Seed Review: Everything You Need to Know About Crop King Seed

Let us head straight into the Crop King Seed review. Over the course of this, we will be looking at various parameters and scoring the seed bank on all of them followed by our final score which will be an average of the five parameters.

  • Price and Quality: 

When you look at the seeds that you get from Crop King Seed as compared to other seed banks, you’ll immediately realized this is a little expensive. However, there are two factors at play here – first the quality that you get is really good and there’s a much better chance of your seeds germinating and being the right kind of strain as advertised when compared to other seed banks. There’s also the goodwill of an established brand that perhaps adds to the price. 

In terms of price and quality, we would rate CKS 3.50/5

  • Options of Payments

Crop King Seed accepts Canadian Dollars because it is based in Canada. In addition to that, the seed bank also supports US Dollars because growers from the US are among one of their biggest buyer-bases. The company also accepts Credit Card payments, and it supports Mastercard as well as Visa. There’s also the option to pay via Money Order or Cash in Mail and even email cash payments are supported for Canadian residents. Bitcoins are also supported for the customers who want to remain discreet in payments. Basically, the payment options are at par with most other seed banks.

In terms of Payment Options, we rate Crop King Seed 3.75/5

  • Goodwill and Credibility

It is hard to find a better marketplace than Crop King Seed when you talk about goodwill and credibility. One of the largest marijuana seed banks (and perhaps even the largest), this allows growers from all over the world to purchase marijuana seeds and provides a large number of options as well. Having been around for such a long time, CKS is definitely one of the hottest names in the markets and a highly credible and trustworthy brand. 

In Terms of Goodwill and Credibility, we rate Crop King Seed 5/5

  • Shippings and Return Policies

The shipping and return policy practices followed by Crop King Seed are pretty good. When you order from within Canada, you get the seeds in an original and discreet packaging. However, for those growers who order seeds from CKS from outside Canada will get their seeds packed inside other products such as a pen, shirt or light, etc. The packages are shipped privately and without the buyer’s name on them. The buyer needs to be 19 in order to purchase seeds from CKS. 

If you are ordering seeds from Canada, the shipping costs $10 and for international shipments the rate is $30. In Canada, the orders reach you in 2 to 7 days while international orders can take as many as 3 weeks to reach you. About 5% of orders via CKS tend to get seized and hence there’s an option to ‘register’ your order which can cost you about $30 to $60 but that ensures that if your order gets seized, the lost shipment will be replaced by CKS 

In Terms of Shippings and Return Policies, we rate Crop King Seed 4/5

  • Contact and Customer Support

The customer support of Crop King Seed is exceptional. It allows the growers to contact them 24×7 and has hotline numbers for Canada, the US and a dedicated international number as well. You can also get in touch with customer support over live chat or email. 

In terms of Contact and Customer Support, we rate Crop King Seed 4.25/5

Final Verdict: 4.1/5 – Excellent

Crop King Seed Review: Why CKS?

Buying from Crop King Seed gives you a number of benefits which many other seed banks in Canada (and across the world) do not give you! Over this Crop King Seed review, you’ll know that there are a number of practices that CKS follows which truly set it apart from many other seed banks. Here is a look at some of the best practices followed by CKS – 

  • Discreet and Certain Delivery: While marijuana has become legal in Canada and in many other parts across the world, the one thing that still lingers around is the stigma around weed as a lot of people do tend to look down upon at marijuana consumers or growers. Hence, when you order marijuana related products online, you need to ensure that the packaging does not give it away! Crop King Seed ensures that your packages are packed in a plain brown box with no indication that it is carrying marijuana seeds inside it. Other than that, the company also provides you with an assurance that what you have ordered WILL reach you. There’s a $30 express delivery fee for those who order from outside Canada and in case some mishap happens and orders do not reach the users, CKS promises that they will ship the order again – this time for free!
  • Good Customer Support: Often when you are placing an order from an online store for the first time, you wonder about a scenario where you would need to access customer support for some reason – the mere thought of that tends to give you trouble. With Crop King Seed, however, there’s no such problem. The company is amazing when it comes to customer support and after-sales support. The company claims that they are one of the few marijuana seeds companies which have a 24×7 customer care hotline (most other such firms work a limited number of hours and days). While writing this Crop King Seed review, we noticed that CKS not only has a phone line, but it also provides support over email and live chat! 
  • Guaranteed Germination of Seeds: One of the biggest problems that comes when you are buying your seeds online via a seed bank is that you would wonder if the seeds that you are getting are genuine and whether they would germinate at all! In case you go for a lesser-known seed bank and they send you fake seeds which  do not germinate you’ll be pretty mad at yourself for ordering from such a place. However, no such problem with Crop King Seeds. This seed bank guarantees that your seeds will germinate! They also provide you with a ‘germination guide’ and if you follow it well, the company has promised that 80% of the times the seed will germinate (which is a pretty high success ratio). 
  • Large Variety of Payment Methods: Last but not the least on this list, Crop King Seeds provides the users with a number of payment methods. Some of these methods are old-school such as Cash in Mail or Money Orders, then it also supports Credit Cards, which is a very common form of payments these days. The company also supports Email money transfer for Canadian citizens. Interestingly, this seed bank also allows you to buy marijuana seeds using Bitcoins! Bitcoins are an emerging option for many users who want to buy marijuana related products as they would rather prefer to keep their banking details discreet. 

Understanding the Different Kinds of Seeds You Get at Crop King Seed: Feminized vs Autoflower vs Regular 

Basically speaking, there are three different kinds of seeds that you get when you purchase from Crop King Seeds. These are autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds and regular seeds. Each of these seeds carries different strains of marijuana but all of them can broadly be categorized under these three major headings. Here’s a closer look at what they mean:

  • Feminized Marijuana Seeds: For a grower, it is very important to ensure that they are growing only the female seeds. This is because the male seeds do not produce a bud and they can also drop their pollen on female plants. Hence, feminized seeds are very important. These seeds are the ones which come from plants which are grown without a male chromosome. Feminized marijuana seeds are particularly beneficial for those who are beginning their journey into the world of growing or for those who are looking forward to growing weed for medicinal purposes.
  • Autoflower Marijuana Seeds: Another great option for growers who are still learning the ropes of growing marijuana, autoflowering cannabis seeds are basically the seeds which do not need a change in the lighting cycle to enter from the vegetative stage to the bloom stage. They do not even need the separation of the males from the females. These can grow into mature plants in just 10 weeks and are also resistant to infections. 
  • Regular Marijuana Seeds: Nothing special about these cannabis seeds as they are your regular seeds. They come in a mixed variant of both males and females in the package and when they grow, you will need to separate the males from the females and you will also need to change the lighting cycle here so that your plants move from vegetative stage to the flowering stage. 

Crop King Seed Review: Best Strains of Marijuana Reviewed

In this Crop King Seed review, we now progress to the top 3 strains of marijuana that you can find at the website. Here’s a look at the best strains of marijuana that CKS has to offer. 

1. Candy Kane Autoflower Seeds 

Candy Kane autoflower seeds are among one of the hottest selling products on the Crop King Seed platform. One of the best things about these seeds is that your plant will be ready in no time! The seeds ensure that you get the plant ready in just about seven weeks. This is a really good product for those who are starting off on their journey of growing weed. 

The plant requires room temperature to grow so you don’t even need to worry much about setting the temperature of the tent/room to right levels. The THC level that Candy Kane gives you can go to as high as 18% which is an added advantage because this can give you a very good ‘high’. The CBD level varies between 0.10% to 0.40%. The ‘high’ that you get out of smoking the buds from Candy Kane can last you for up to 50 minutes! If you want to buy Candy Kane autoflower seeds via Crop King Seed seed bank use the coupon code HIGH15 to get a discount of 15%

2. Autoflower Mixed Seeds

Up next on our Crop King Seed product review is this pack of mixed autoflower seeds. This is a good option for those buyers who want to buy an autoflowering set of seeds but are not sure about which is the exact seed that they should be buying. This is a mixed bag containing ‘a little bit of this and a little bit of that’ from the autoflowering options available at CKS. There are options to buy it in a pack of 10 seeds or a pack of 25 seeds. CKS has nine types of autoflowering seed options and all of them are mixed in this package that you will be getting. 

These are good for beginners because they are really low-maintenance and do not even require much attention as compared to other types of seeds. Most of these plants will flower in about nine weeks. The THC composition ranges from 10% to 24% depending on which autoflowering seed you end up growing. The CBD composition too ranges between 0.10% to 0.90% – truly making this a mixed bag of autoflowering seeds! These seeds originated from Spain and the Netherlands and are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor growth. If you plan to buy this after reading our Crop King Seed review, you can use coupon code HIGH15 at checkout to get a discount of 15%!

3. Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds

The third name on our list is that of the Bubba Kush feminized seeds available at the Crop King Seed seed bank. Now this is something that you would like to buy if you are looking for a marijuana strain that gives you a strong ‘high’. Just look at the composition! It carries about 17.79% of THC and 1.20% of CBD. This strain of weed is great for those who are looking forward to smoking it for medicinal purposes as it can alleviate pain and even provide a solution to insomnia. 

It takes about 9 weeks for the Bubba Kush feminized seeds from Crop King Seed to flower and they produce a thick and sticky bud. It produces a good yield of about 300gm to 500gm and is a variety of weed grown in the US. This is also a good type of seed for those who are starting off on their journey and provides a good taste as well as a good high. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Crop King Seed 

  • Is it Legal to Buy Seeds Online?

Yes, it is legal to buy seeds online as long as it is legal to consume weed recreationally in your local area, such as in Canada where marijuana is legal for medicinal as well as recreational use. However, for those ordering from outside Canada, you need to check with your local authorities if weed is legal where you live. You can still order, but the customs might seize your orders so watch out! 

  • Which Are the Best Type of Seeds?

This is a very subjective question and the answer to this depends on your need and your taste. The genetic composition of the seed – i.e. the plants it has been crossed from is also important to know as each kind of plant has a different sort of a taste and the offspring of two different plants with different chemical composition is bound to have a unique characteristic. Crop King Seed lists out all these pieces of info in detail 

  • What are the Payment Methods for Buying Seeds Online?

When you buy your seeds from Crop King Seed, you get the following options to pay: Credit Cards (Mastercard as well as Visa), Money Order, Cash in the Mail, and Bitcoins. 

  • Is The Packaging Going to be Discreet?

Yes, the packaging won’t reveal your name and the contents of the box. If you order in Canada, the packaging will be a plain brown box and if you order from outside Canada, your seeds will be concealed inside some other products such as T-shirt, mugs, etc so that it doesn’t raise any suspicions. 


To conclude, Crop King Seed is the best option that a buyer looking forward to buying marijuana seeds has. This is a very trusted and well established brand which offers a large variety of feminized, autoflowering and regular marijuana seeds to the buyers and has a trusted shipping network. We rate this 4.1 out of 5 stars in our Crop King Seed review. 

Happy Growing! 🙂

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