Best 4×4 Grow Tent for Growing Marijuana (2024): Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

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When you want to grow your marijuana indoors, you require a large number of things and Grow Tents are among the most important aspects of this method of growth. Those growers who are just starting out might have some confusion over which grow tent they should be getting – and the simplest answer for all small-scale growers who are growing only for their personal consumption is to get a 4×4 grow tent. These tents provide enough space to grow quite a few plants and are spacious enough for personal-scale growers. 

Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at the best 4×4 grow tents for growing marijuana – along with their reviews, buyer’s guide and answers to many frequently asked questions. We expect that by the time you end reading this article, you will know which are the best options that you have in the markets that you can purchase along with all the information that you should know about them, helping you make a better buying decision.

There are a large number of brands which make grow tents – and most of these tents are pretty identical as well. It requires a detailed review in order to understand what are the differences between these otherwise very similar looking products. However, let us first begin by covering the basics about these tents – 

What are Grow Tents?

Grow tents are tents which are lined with special reflective layers on the inside and have a thick canvas layer on the outside. The primary purpose of these tents is to keep light trapped inside and ensure that the plants get the maximum possible benefit out of the lighting. Grow tents give the plants a safe and dedicated space for their growth and ensure that the efficiency of the light is also maximized. These tents are supported by poles around which the canvas is placed. They have zips which can open up and you can keep your plants inside them for growing the plants. 

Benefits of Using Grow Tents for Growing Marijuana

There are a number of benefits of using grow tents for growing marijuana – the biggest of these benefits is the fact that growers can get a private space to grow their weed and they don’t have to keep it in public view. While the legalization drive has hit full-swing, there’s still a lot of social stigma and taboo that surrounds growing weed and people would rather have it grow inside tents, hidden from people. Most growers also attach a carbon filter in their grow tent which will make sure that the smell gets trapped inside and does not leak out.

The biggest reason as to why people use grow tents is that they help ensure that the lighting is proper and that growers can provide their plants with the best and the most optimal lighting. The lights are amplified and reflected on to the plants thanks to the reflective layers inside the tent. The reflective surface makes sure that the plant is getting lighting from all angles and from all sides and that maximum light is reaching the plants. Lastly, grow tents are also very beneficial when it comes to keeping insects and pests away which might damage the plants otherwise if you keep them in the open.

Best 4×4 Grow Tents of 2022 Reviewed 

Let us now cut straight to the best 4×4 grow tents that you can find on the web. These are reviewed by us and are among some of the finest products you can buy in just a matter of a few clicks. Do read our reviews and then check out the buyer’s guide which immediately follows the reviews to make a better and well-informed decision about which of these tents is the perfect fit for you.

1. VIVOSUN 48″x48″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

  • Product: Grow Tent
  • Dimensions: 48x48x80 inches
  • Warranty Info: 2-year warranty

Anytime someone talks of grow tents, the first name that usually comes to mind is that of Vivosun which is among the best grow tent-makers in the world right now. The company makes tents of various different shapes and sizes and this one measures 4ft x 4ft x 6.6ft which is a decent size for growing your marijuana plant for beginners. This tent is made out of a thick fiber which makes sure that all the light is kept inside and that the plant gets the maximum possible benefit out of the grow light.  The canvas used here is of the Oxford 600D material which is tear-proof as well as double-stitched.

Furthermore, there’s a 98% reflective mylar layer which lines this grow tent, that makes sure that all the light is reflected back on to the plants. There’s also an observation window on this grow tent, which helps the growers ensure that they can quickly look into the progress of their cannabis plants without having to unzip the entire tent. Waterproof floor trays in this grow tent are also great for keeping the tent clean and tidy. A heavy-duty metal zipper has been used by the manufacturers, making it one of the best 4×4 grow tents with great attention to detail about almost every aspect of the tent. Setting up this tent is also very easy and there are instructions which are very clearly given. On the inner side of the tent, there is a tool organizer for growers. There’s also a two-year warranty on the product.


  • Brand credibility is very good
  • The very reflective inner layer
  • Thick canvas and sturdy poles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two-year warranty


  • Zipper quality is not as good as the company claims it to be

2. Green Hut 48″X48″X78″ 600D Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent

  • Product: Grow Tent
  • Dimensions: 48x48x78 inches
  • Warranty Info: One year

A lesser known brand in the markets, but one that really performs well when it comes to getting a good quality 4×4 grow tent. This grow tent is priced in at just about $100 and offers you with everything that you need in a tent. The first thing that growers have to know about this product from Green Hut is that the tent is very easy to set up and assemble. Growers can put it together with minimal expertise, making it great for first-timers and new growers. There are meshed openings as well as slots for inline fans to pass through which will make sure that ventilation and air flow in the tent is proper. 

This grow tent makes use of a 100% reflective mylar layer – which is rarely seen in grow tent as most tents usually use between 95-98% reflective layers. This will ensure that your plants grow bigger and better as all the light will be bounced on to the plants and won’t be absorbed by the canvas. The steel poles that are used to build this grow tent can easily support about 110lbs of weight, which will ensure your lights and carbon filter can hang without any problem. The zipper also features a 1.5” ribbon that is light-proof. All in all one of the best 4×4 grow tents for a good price.


  • Sturdy frame – can hold a decent amount of weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • 100% reflective inner layer
  • Good for beginners/first-time growers


  • Some growers have found the zippers to be a little problematic

3. GA Grow Tent 48x48x80 4×4 Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

  • Product: Grow Tent
  • Dimensions: 48x48x80 inches
  • Warranty Info: Manufacturer Undeclared

GA GREENARCHITECTURE is another brand which isn’t really as popular as Vivosun, but when it comes to making high-quality grow tents for growing marijuana indoors, this one totally punches way above its weight. This is a 4ft x 4ft x 6.6ft grow tent from the company, and it offers the growers just the right height to ensure that their plants can grow tall and produce higher yields. The 600D oxford cloth ensures that the fabric covering the grow tent is strong and thick and makes sure that light does not escape it. 

On the inner side, the tent features a 98% reflective layer of Mylar lining, which makes sure that all the light that comes from the grow light is reflected and bounced back on to the plant which will help it grow better. Setting up this grow tent is also a very easy thing to do – all you need to do is to simply push the parts together and use the connectors to connect them. You’ll hear them click together and that’s it! All in all this is one of the best 4×4 grow tents for growers who want to ensure that their plants are getting appropriate supply of lighting and are safe from pests and insects.


  • Easy to set up – tool-free assembly
  • Spacious and allows plants to grow tall
  • 98% reflective mylar bounces light on to the plants


  • Brand credibility is quite uncertain

4. CoolGrows 48″x48″x80″ Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

  • Product: Grow Tent
  • Dimensions: 48x48x80 inches
  • Warranty Info: Undeclared

A familiar name in the markets for growers who are looking forward towards buying a grow tent for growing their marijuana plants indoors. This tent ensures that your plants get the best possible lighting – with the help of three things. First off, there’s a 600D oxford fiber canvas, which makes sure that all the light is trapped inside and there are no pinhole leaks on the canvas body. It is also a very tough fiber that ensures it doesn’t tear easily. Then there’s a 99% reflective mylar layer, which ensures the light bounces on to the plants from all directions. Thirdly, there’s an observation window which is pretty large, allowing the growers to look at how their plants are doing without really unzipping the whole setup. 

This is an all-black tent and contains a spill-proof water tray in the bottom which ensures that  cleaning the tent is quite easy. Assembling the tent together is an easy task as well because it comes with clear instructions and doesn’t really need any prior experience. The company also claims to offer an “exceptional” customer service though there are no clear details on the warranty period of this grow tent.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 99% reflective on the inside
  • Thick canvas ensures no light leaks and pinhole leaks
  • Large observation window


  • Warranty details unclear

These are the four best options that you have when it comes to buying a 4×4 grow tent. Let us now take a closer look at a quick guide on the factors that need to be considered before you buy the tent of your choice.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy The Best 4×4 Grow Tent?

Consider these points below as a checklist of sorts. Keep them in mind when you are making a decision to buy a grow tent for yourself. 

  • Area Covered by Pots – First do a dry run. Even before you start growing, try by keeping empty pots side by side and see how much space your pots occupy. If they occupy a space greater than 3.75 x 3.75 ft, then you should perhaps look for a tent bigger than 4×4. However, this should be enough for most people growing weed for personal consumption or just trying their hands at growing weed for the first time.
  • DurabilityAnother aspect of having a good grow tent is to ensure that it is sturdy and durable. The tent needs to be strong enough to support the weight of all the things that you hang on it. Grow lights and carbon filters being two of the biggest, but there are some growers who also hang clip-on fans and other grow tent accessories for better growth. Hence, the tent needs to support the weight and be durable enough. Most tents on our list are very durable and can easily hold about 110lbs of weight without any problem.
  • Canvas StrengthThe canvas, which is the exterior covering which covers the poles and actually forms the tent needs to be made out of a thick material. This is because in most cases the Canvas is the part of the tent which is facing the most wear and tear and hence it needs to be strong. The canvas not only needs to be strong, but it also needs to be thick so that it can ensure that the light isn’t leaking out of the tent. The whole idea behind a grow tent is to keep the light to a limited area and if it leaks out it would be quite counterproductive!
  • Reflective LayerYou must also make sure that the inner layer is reflective enough. We strongly recommend to buy only those grow tents which have a reflectability of 95% or more. This reflective Mylar layer on the inside ensures that the light is reflected on to the plants properly. It helps increase the efficiency of the light and the impact of the light on the plants as well.
  • Zipper QualityMany growers who take this lightly tend to face a hard time. Always make sure that your grow tent uses a high quality zipper. Not just the handle, the entire zip needs to be a high-quality one. Zips are often the first part to break or falter in a grow tent since they face the maximum wear and tear as growers open up the tent multiple times a day! Hence, it is critical that the grow tent of your choice has a high-quality zipper on it.
  • Brand CredibilityBrand credibility also matters. This is a niche industry with a lot of players making grow tents. Trusted names such as Vivosun are usually considered to be the best options for growers because you know that they are the ones which are in it for the long run and will provide you with better after-sales service and will honor the warranty as well!
  • Observation WindowsThe best 4×4 grow tents are the ones which come with observation windows. These windows help growers to make sure that their plants are growing well and does not require them to unzip the whole thing to take a look inside – thereby saving some wear and tear on your zip while making it easier to look at the growth and progress of your marijuana plants growing inside the tent.
  • Floor TraysSince you will be working with a lot of soil, water, foliage, and nutrients here, there’s obviously a chance that some of these might spill over and fall down. This is why floor trays are critical because these are the trays which can then be easily taken out and cleaned and placed back so that your tent remains safe and clean.
  • Cost and WarrantyLastly, always make sure you’re spending just the right amount. Set a budget and look for a grow tent in the same budget. The cost can vary too much between the cheapest and the most expensive tent but your budget is an important part of your personal finance so try and stick to it. Then there’s also the warranty aspect. Make sure you buy a grow tent that offers a decent warranty period. Most tents on our list offer at least a year of warranty.

Now that you know what are the things that need to be kept in mind before you buy a grow tent for yourself, we hope you will use this as a checklist and make a well-informed purchase. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 4×4 Grow Tents

Before we conclude, here’s a quick look at the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about growing marijuana inside 4×4 grow tents:

1. What other sizes do grow tents come in?

Grow tents come out in a lot of different shapes and sizes. They range from the smallest 2×2 grow tents to the large 10×10 grow tents (some might be even bigger). They can be in 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 8×8 as well. Then there are some grow tents which are not square and can be 2×4, 4×8, 8×10 as well. The height, too, varies. Some grow tents are 5ft tall, then there are the 6.6 to 7ft tall grow tents, and there are some rare ones which are even bigger that allow the plants to grow full-length. 

2. Will people know that my package contains a grow tent?

Most shippers make sure that the grow tents reach you in a package which does not have any markings on it and is just a basic brown box. This is to ensure that you are getting total privacy and no one other than you knows what is inside it. This is done keeping in mind that even if it is legal to grow weed in their area, no one really wants to be known as a “weed grower” because of the social stigma. 

3. What else can a grow tent be used for apart from growing marijuana?

Apart from growing marijuana a lot of growers actually make use of a grow tent for growing indoor plants – which can be either ornamental plants or they can be smaller fruit-bearing plants such as tomatoes or even basic vegetables. While growing weed is something that growers use grow tents for, they are also used very commonly for growing a variety of other horticultural items.

4. Who is a 4×4 grow tent best suited for?

A 4×4 grow tent best suits a grower who wants to grow about 10 to 12 plants (or lesser). It is great for beginners and novice growers who are growing weed for personal consumption and don’t have to grow large volumes.

5. Which is the best 4×4 grow tent in the markets?

The answer to this depends from person to person and what their preferences are and what kind of requirements they have. However, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend growers to stick by the buyer’s guide and then combine that with their needs and requirements and decide their favorite tent for themselves! 

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To conclude, we hope that this article was helpful in understanding what grow tents are and why they are beneficial for your process of growing weed indoors. You also need to understand that there are a number of factors which need to be considered before you buy a grow tent and we hope our buyer’s guide helps you with that. Then there are the best 4×4 grow tents reviewed – and you can choose any of the products from that list and you are bound to be very satisfied! Do let us know if there’s something specific that you would like to know that we might have missed out in this article. Let us know about that in the comments below or drop us an email about the same and we shall get back to you very soon! Till then….

….Happy Growing! 🙂


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