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True North Seed Bank (TNSB Reviews 2020) – What makes TNSB such a popular option?



True North Seed Bank Review
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True North Seed Bank (TNSB Reviews 2020): When you are planning to buy marijuana seeds online, and you stumble upon a new store, you are basically going in blind. Given that True North Seed Bank has been gaining popularity in the markets but it is still a newcomer compared to several other players which are established names, we have now decided to come up with a True North Seed Bank review which aims at providing a detailed insight into what to expect from the company. This is something that we find of particular use given that there are a number of mixed reviews about this seed bank, this aims at being the final word on how much can you trust the company! 

What is a Seed Bank?

Let us start by addressing the most basic question: what in the world is a seed bank! A seed bank, simply put, is a store from where you can purchase different strains of marijuana in different types of seeds – i.e. regular marijuana seeds, feminized marijuana seeds and autoflowering marijuana seeds. For growers who are looking forward to start their growing journey, it begins at a seed bank! Here’s where you get the most basic element required to grow a marijuana plant – a marijuana seed!

When you buy a seed – you don’t just buy a seed. You look at everything that a seed has to offer – i.e. what strain it is, what kind of high it will provide to you, is it autoflowering or is it a regular seed, is it good for medicinal purposes, etc. A seed bank sorts these seeds based on the strains and also provides the buyers with detailed information about everything that they need to know about the seeds. This is a great way to get started for growers.

True North Seed Bank Review: Why is it One of the Best Seed Banks for Marijuana Seeds?

True North Seed Bank is considered to be one of the best seed banks for marijuana seeds, especially when you compare it with many other new businesses that have sprung up of late. Here’s a complete True North Seed Bank review which judges and grades it on the following five parameters: 

  • Price and Quality

The quality of the seeds that you get at TNSB is pretty good. The company claims that it does not keep seeds that are older than six months on their stock which ensures that the buyers get the best and the freshest of seeds! The price that you get the seeds at can be pretty high but then there are also a number of sales promotions and discounts that True North Seed Banks is continuously running so that sort of balances the price problem out. The quality of the seeds is good and since they are fresh seeds there’s a good chance that a higher percentage of them will germinate well. 

In terms of price and quality, we rate True North Seed Bank 3.5/5

  • Payment Options

Based in Canada, the True North Seed Bank obviously accepts payments in Canadian Dollars. For international orders it also supports payments made in US Dollars. The company also supports cash in mail payments but does not hold itself responsible in case the cash gets lost in transit. Users based in Canada can also purchase marijuana seeds via bank transfers and e-transfers, which is another popular way of making payments. 

Another great thing that we came to know during the True North Seed Bank review is that not only does this seed bank support Bitcoins, which is the most popular and the standard means of payments via digital currencies, but it also supports payments in the form of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin! This gives the buyers a lot of options and a great means of maintaining their privacy as well. The fact that TNSB supports non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies as well gives it an edge over many other seed banks.

In terms of payment options, we rate True North Seed Bank 4/5 

  • Goodwill and Credibility

While payment options are a strong suite of this seed bank, we now come to the controversial part. This is something that has been causing a lot of pain to the buyers because there are so many mixed reviews online. While some people will tell you that they are very good and True North Seed Bank provides the buyers with good seeds there are others who are calling this seed bank an outright flop-show and that they are having problems trusting the brand. Given that this is still a ‘new kid on the block’ and provides very limited details about the origin, the goodwill and credibility of the platform continues to be shady at best. 

Buyers need to be aware that they are investing in a company which has been around for a very short while as opposed to buying seeds from other Canada based seed banks such as Crop King Seed which has been around for 15 years now. Nevertheless, this seed bank is still not a scam or a sham business and they will try their best to honor the commitment. 

In terms of goodwill and credibility, we rate True North Seed Bank 2/5

  • Shipping and Return Policies

While goodwill and credibility was something that you probably can’t rely on True North Seed Bank for, shipping and return policies here are really good. First off, to begin with – you get some amount of free seeds with every order! This is a huge benefit of ordering from True North Seed Bank as you know that you are certainly getting value for your money. The company claims to have the fastest global marijuana seed delivery network because they have two delivery centers – one based in Canada and the other based in the UK. 

While delivering seeds in Canada is relatively safe because of the relaxed laws around marijuana growing and consumption, the country still supports global shipping but warns the users that in some countries where the laws are strict they might face some hiccups in delivery and their order might not reach them. The company also ensures that the names of the buyers are not disclosed and the packaging is very discreet. In countries where weed is illegal they add a t-shirt to the package which conceals the seeds. 

In terms of shipping and return policies, we rate True North Seed Bank 3.5/5

  • Contact and Customer Support

The customer support team of True North Seed Bank is available all seven days a week but they are not a 24-hour hotline as compared to what Crop King Seed claims to offer. The customer support of TNSB is available between 10AM to 7PM EST which we discovered during our True North Seed Bank review to be a little problematic for users who do not follow that time zone or are living in far-off countries. They also offer email support and customer service is otherwise said to be pretty user friendly. 

In terms of contact and customer support, we rate True North Seed Bank 3.5/5

Final Rating: 3.3/5 

True North Seed Bank Review: Why TNSB?

True North Seed Bank has some of the most mixed reviews you would find. However, here’s a closer look at some of the advantages of ordering from the company. We came across these while writing our True North Seed Bank review and we hope this will help you gauge the company in a better manner:

  • Discreet Delivery

One of the standout features of this website is the kind of delivery that they offer. It is really discreet and is considered to be among the stealthiest among all seed banks! The company offers deliveries in plain brown boxes which do not give any hint at what might be inside! The packaging is super secure and ensures that nobody knows what you have ordered. Even your name won’t be mentioned on the package. Given that Canada’s laws governing marijuana are not as strict as other countries, the company also ensures that their global orders are packed safely so that they do not get seized by the customs. The seeds that you order from countries where marijuana seeds are illegal are packed along with other products such as t-shirts etc. which do not raise any suspicion. 

  • Good Seed Selection

While there have been conflicting reviews about the delivery from True North Seed Bank, one thing that people have unanimously agreed upon is the fact that the seed selection is pretty good. While the company does not develop and grow any seeds of their own, their seeds come from among top 60 breeders who ensure that every strain is grown with great care. The fact that the company does not engage in breeding gives it enough time to research about which are the best upcoming strains and which are the best breeders from which they can supply the seeds to the buyers. Another advantage here is that the seeds that you get are going to be fresh as the company ensures that all the seeds that are older than six months are eliminated from their inventory.

  • Good for Bulk Orders

Another thing that True North Seed Bank is known for is the fact that they are a great platform for those looking forward to ordering in bulk. If you want a lot of seeds then this is the right marketplace to come to because the delivery charges are fixed no matter if you order 10 seeds or 100! Moreover, there are special discount packages running for those growers who want to buy marijuana seeds in bulk. This is what makes it one of the best seed banks in Canada. 

  • Lots of Sales Promotions and Discounts

While most seed banks that you see have some kind of discount or offer running on it, we found out during our True North Seed Bank review that this company has a much better variety of options available for the buyers. There are always some sort of promotions running on the platform – be it seed-specific or be it for bulk orders. There are some offers which offer you a straight-up discount while there are others which provide you with more number of seeds! These sales promotions and discounts are a good way to attract new customers for this relatively new seed bank. The seed bank also runs a loyalty rewards program where you get some loyalty points with each order and the points can then be converted into dollars and you get a discount using them!

  • Large Number of Payment Options

As mentioned above in the True North Seed Bank review, one thing that we really like about this seed bank is that it gives you a very diverse range of options! It allows you to purchase seeds using all the traditional cash and card methods – but even allows you to purchase marijuana seeds using different cryptocurrencies. While most stores support only Bitcoin, this one offers Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum support. There’s also a discount which runs from time to time on cryptocurrency payments so keep an eye out for that!

True North Seed Bank Product Review: Top 3 Seeds from TNSB

The THC Bomb autoflowering feminized seeds are among one of the most popular options that you can purchase at True North Seed Bank. With a THC content of 18 to 22%, this is an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to grow plants which have buds that can get the stoners really high! Each pack comes with a set of 5 seeds and the plants can take about 65 days (about 9 to 10 weeks) to reach the flowering stage. This is a high yielding strain of weed as it allows about 400 to 450 grams of yield per meter square. This is great for both, indoors as well as outdoors growth and the plant that grows out of it can go up to 120cm. This is a great option for those who are beginning their growing journey and are looking forward to buying seeds that have a high THC content 

This is the first-ever 100% autoflowering seed created by Ace Strains. It is a hybrid between Sativa and Indica and technically speaking this is an F3 polyhybrid composing of Old Killer Malawi x auto flowering Northern Lights. This seed can grow indoors as well as outdoors and even in a greenhouse! The flowering time for this seed from True North Seed Bank can take between 8 to 12 weeks but when you smoke the bud that comes from it, it gives you the sensation of what is typically known as a ‘happy high’. It contains about 15% THC content and has a very fruity taste to it! The package comes with five seeds. 

One of the most popularly ordered items from True North Seed Bank are the medical mix feminized seeds. You can order these seeds in two packages – pack of 3 and a pack of 5. This is essentially a mixed bag containing different types of seeds. Those who order the pack of three get the following three seeds: Royal Highness, Dance World, and Medical Mass. Those who order a pack of five get these three, plus Royal Medic and Painkiller XL. These seeds are great for growers who are specifically looking forward to buying seeds which have a medicinal property and can act as relaxants and can alleviate pain. 

True North Seed Bank: Going Beyond Just Seeds

Before we conclude our True North Seed Bank review, we would like to bring your attention towards one more aspect of this seed bank. It does not sell you just seeds. It has been one of the rare few seed banks to go beyond seeds and it also deals with a number of marijuana related accessories. Since most growers and marijuana enthusiasts like to show off their love of weed, the store offers the growers with a large number of options such as apparel, mugs, containers, and smoking accessories that they can also buy off the platform! Given that the company does not breed the seeds, it saves a lot of time and investment and instead works towards expanding other aspects of their business. This is a really cool addition for stoners who can browse through their store and purchase stuff from there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding True North Seed Bank

  • Is buying seeds online legal?

It is legal to buy seeds online in places where the consumption of marijuana is legal for recreational purposes. In Canada, for instance, where this True North Seed Bank is based out of, you can legally buy online as smoking weed for recreational and medical use is fully allowed. However, you can’t legally order it from a country such as UK where it isn’t allowed. If you choose to order from an area where weed is illegal, the seeds will be hidden inside another product and delivered to you.

  • What is the success rate of the seed growing properly into a plant?

There’s between 80 to 90% chance of your seeds germinating and growing into a proper plant. However, there’s always a risk of 10-20% failure. But given that you purchase a pack of five seeds, at least 4 seeds are almost certain to germinate. This is a natural selection and no one can really guarantee the fact that a seed will grow into a plant. However, the success rate is much higher than the failure rate.

  • Which is the best seed for me?

It depends on you! Always make sure to read up in detail about the composition of the strain – what are the genetics that this strain is coming from. Look at the kind of ‘high’ it is going to give you. Look at the THC% and the CBD% and see if it fits your needs. Those who need these seeds for medicinal purposes would need a different kind of composition from those who need it for recreational use. Choose your seeds wisely.

  • How can I pay for buying seeds online at True North Seed Bank?

When you buy your seeds online at True North Seed Bank, you have the following options to pay using: bank transfers, mail transfers, and cryptocurrencies – bitcoins, litecoin and ethereum.


We can sum up the True North Seed Bank review by saying that TNSB has been a rather controversial name in the markets given the fact that over the years it has received some mixed reviews. However, growers have eventually begun to trust the brand and the company too has worked hard on rectifying their early mistakes. With time, we expect TNSB to become one of the top names in the business worldwide and a marketplace from where you can get your marijuana seeds as well as some cool accessories! 

Happy Growing! 🙂

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