7 Best Weed Grinder in 2024 [Top Herb Grinders for Marijuana]

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The main purpose of either growing or purchasing marijuana is to ultimately consume it. It might be for medicinal reasons or it might be for purely recreational purposes, but it is consumed. The most common way of consuming marijuana is by smoking it. However, before you smoke it you’ve got to know that the whole damn bud can’t be smoked the way it is after harvest. It needs to be broken down into finer pieces. This is where weed grinders come into the picture. Over the course of this article, we shall take a closer look at the best weed grinders that you can buy for yourself!

Weed grinders are small but important tools which a stoner needs to possess in order to ensure that the weed that he or she is smoking can be smoked properly. Smoking is the most common way of consuming marijuana and to ensure a smooth and fine smoking process, you need a good quality grinder. In this article, we shall be looking at some of the best weed grinders, as well as at several other aspects of the grinder which make it very important for growers to possess. Following that, we also have a section which will act as a ‘buyers guide’ for those who plan to buy a grinder, and then we conclude after taking a look at some frequently asked questions about weed grinders. Let us begin by answering the basics first:

What is a Weed Grinder? Why Do You Need it?

In the simplest of words, as the name itself suggests, a weed grinder is a small tool that you use to grind your weed! While your argument to this statement could be – “why do I need a grinder when I can crush the weed using my hands and smoke it?”, the answer to that is pretty simple and straightforward – “yes, you can use your hands to crush and grind your weed, but it will not be as smooth and as finely grinded as it would be when you use a grinder”. This is a small and inexpensive tool which adds a lot of value to your smoking experience.

Importance of Weed Grinders

Weed grinders are important for all kinds of stoners. Be it those who like to roll a joint, or those who like to pack their weed in a bowl. Having finely grinded weed always improves the smoking experience. The importance of using a weed grinder goes up by three times when you realize it can be used for joints, for pipes and bongs, as well as for vaporizers. Those who like to vape their weed know that surface area matters a lot when it comes to vaping. Ensuring that your weed is finely grinded will help you increase the surface area and thereby give you the best smoking experience possible.  

At one point in time, grinder was considered a luxury. However, it has now become quite the necessity. Furthermore, given that the price of grinders is practically insignificant – many growers have now started buying grinders to enhance their smoking experience. It even helps improve the potency of the weed that you are going to consume. Lastly, grinders also help you save out on time! Instead of breaking it with your hands or using other similar equipment, using a weed grinder is much more efficient as well as time-saving.

7 Best Weed Grinders in 2021 [Reviews]

Here, we take a look at the best weed grinders in 2021: these are detailed reviews which will give you a good insight into which are some of the best options you have which you can purchase off the internet right now for a better smoking experience – 

1. Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

Platinum Grinders makes some of the best grinders for grinding weed. This one, however, is one of the best products from the company and their top-selling mode. Here, you get a 4-piece weed grinder from them, which also comes with a pollen catcher. This is 2.5 inches in size and is large enough for the needs of most stoners. One of the biggest complaints that many stoners have about their grinders is that they are not durable enough. This one addresses it straight-up with aircraft grade aluminum being used to build it. 

The ‘teeth’ that this grinder comes with are pretty sharp and have been branded ‘diamond cutting’ teeth by the manufacturer. There’s a stainless steel mesh screen which ensures that the very fine particles (pollen) basically fall through it into the fourth chamber and there’s also a pollen scraper packed in with the package which you can use to scrape out the pollen. Thanks to the neodymium magnets, it stays shut very well and ensures that the grinding process is odor-free. 

2. Kozo Best Herb Grinder

Another grinder which is pretty similar to the Platinum Grinder, offering you the same 2.5 inches of size along with a 4-piece setup, this one comes from Kozo. One of the best weed grinders in the markets, it comes in nine color variants along with two size variants (2.5 inches and 4 inches). This grinder comes with ‘extra strong’ magnetic lid which will make sure that spillage is reduced and that the smell is contained. 

The teeth here are positioned really well which ensures that weed is properly grinded inside it. The body of this grinder is made out of an aluminum alloy and has been designed well to give the person grinding the weed a proper grip over the grinder. This grinder from Kozo comes with a mesh screen similar to the Platinum grinder above this and also comes with a scraper. The teeth are easy to clean and do not lose sharpness for quite a long time. 

3. Cali Crusher Herb Grinder 4 Piece

This grinder from Cali Crusher is another great option for stoners who want a minimal looking device with very few design elements but a very strong performance. There are eight colours in which this grinder comes in at. This is a four-piece grinder which is 2 inches in width. There’s a stainless steel screen inside it where the pollen can be separated from the weed that you have grinded. A pollen scraper comes with the package, making it easy for stoners to scrape it through. The teeth here are ‘razor sharp’ which make sure that the weed is grinded really well. 

4. Zip Grinders Mega Crusher – Extra Large Herb Grinder

Now this is something which is a delight for stoners who have a slightly larger need or just want to show off their stash while they grind it. Here, you have a central chamber for storing weed which is transparent from the outside. It is 2.5 inches in width and 3.5 inches in height, with a big storage chamber. Interestingly, the central chamber can be removed altogether to reduce its size and carry it around like a pocket grinder. The teeth are also designed in a special manner to give the best possible grinding to the weed that you put inside it. There are 49 teeth in this which make sure that all the weed gets grinded – and here, you can actually watch your weed getting grinded as the top chamber is also transparent! All in all, one of the best weed grinders in the markets these days.

5. Golden Gate Grinders #1

Another good option for those growers who want to grind their weed in a really good manner. This grinder from Golden Gate comes with a very tough and durable body, which is made out of Aircraft Grade Aluminum. You get a high quality product which ensures a very fine grinding of your weed thanks to the sharp diamond cutting teeth that it is equipped with. There’s a stainless steel mesh screen which helps you filter out the pollen really well and separate the weed that you’re going to smoke from the pollen which isn’t of much use anyway. Neodymium magnets keep the lids sealed shut which help ensure that all the smell is kept out and there’s no spillage. 

6. Edevolution 4-piece Wooden Herb Grinder

Wooden grinders are quite rare in the markets these days but they’re the one which look really classy and premium! This is a small, 1.6 inch grinder, but it also comes in a 2 inch and 2.5 inch variant for those growers who want a slightly bigger device. Usually, you would find wooden grinders which have two pieces only. However, this one has four pieces and comes with uniquely shaped diamond teeth and a mesh screen which allows the pollen to be separated easily. The grinder in itself feels pretty premium and it rotates pretty smoothly as well. One of the best grinders for weed for those who want a wooden variant.

7. Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder Large

Last on the list but one of the best weed grinders in 2021, the Kingtop grinder offers a smooth finish on a red body. There are five different color variants that you can buy here. Thhe grinder is made out of a zinc alloy which ensures that you can use it for quite a long time without the fear of it breaking down. It also features a large 3-inch body, and comes with magnetic lids which makes sure that the stoners can grind their weed with ease without any fear of having it spill out of the container or any odor leaking out. There’s a pollen catcher in this grinder as well. 

Buyer’s Guide for Weed Grinders: What to Look Before You Buy?

Now that you know which are the best weed grinders available in the markets, here’s what you need to look for before you make the purchase:

1. What is the grinder made of?

Grinders can be made of different material and each has its own benefits and disadvantages. There are grinders which are made of wood, metal and acrylic material. Wood grinders are hand-crafted and have only two pieces – i.e. a single compartment. They are the best for those who prefer an all-organic smoking experience but are a little expensive. Metal grinders are great for stoners who want to make sure that the teeth of the grinder absolutely crushes through the weed and converts them into as fine bits as possible. These grinders are almost always made of aluminum with a coating of titanium. Acrylic grinders are the cheapest (but also the least durable) option. They’re good if you need a quick solution for a few hits but not something that you might want to buy long-term.

2. How many pieces are there in the grinder?

Grinders can come in variants of two, three or four pieces. The bigger it is the more beneficial it is to stoners because it allows room to store the grinded weed as well as a room to store the kief. Usually, four-piece grinders are considered the best but are a little more expensive than three-piece grinders (which usually don’t have a place store kief and they are a little more expensive than two-piece grinders which are just simple and basic units.

3. The size of the grinder

This is another thing that needs to be kept in mind – it depends on how much weed you usually grind. It is best to get a grinder slightly bigger than your needs (though not too big). This gives it ample space to grind and makes it easy while cleaning too. Grinders are usually between 1.5 to 4 inches in size. 

4. Is it easy to clean?

Make sure your grinder is easy to clean because there are many times when it becomes really tough to clean them and weed (which, when fresh is often sticky) tends to stick on to the teeth and eventually slow it down and reduce the sharpness too. Hence you need to ensure you get a grinder that can easily be cleaned up. 

5. Teeth

How many teeth are there in a grinder as well as how sharp those teeth are – both these questions need to be answered before you buy a grinder for yourself. Having a grinder with sharp teeth is essential – if the teeth are sharp, you can do with a lesser number of teeth. However, if the teeth are not so sharp you’d need more teeth. 

What are Some Alternatives for Weed Grinders

While weed grinders are the best way to grind your weed, there are a number of other ways in which you can do the same. However, the efficiency that grinders give you is unbeatable compared to these other methods. The most common of these alternative ways is by simply crushing the weed using your hands – this is the way many stoners around the world do it. Put the weed between your thumb and your index finger and simply crush it using the force of your hands. While that would be ‘just enough’ to smoke, but using a grinder gives you a much finer experience. 

In addition to using your hands, there are other ways in which you can grind your weed using certain household items such as credit cards and debit cards, coins and other similar sharp but small objects, scissors and keys are two other popular options. However, none of them are as effective as a weed grinder is when it comes to the fineness of the end result. Hence we strongly recommend you to go through our list of the best weed grinders and choose the best option for yourself from there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Weed Grinders

1. What is the correct way of using weed grinders?

Open the lid and make sure the chambers are all cleaned. In the top chamber with the teeth, insert the bud and break it a little if you feel it is too big. Shut the lid and make sure it is tightly placed, then begin rotating it around and do it for about 15 to 20 times. Then open the lid and check if the weed has been grinded properly, if there are some parts which have not been grinded so well, then grind some more. This is pretty much it – if you have a three piece set, the refined weed would be in the last chamber, if you have a four-piece set, the refined weed would be in the second last chamber while the kief would be in the third chamber.

2. Is it legal to buy weed grinders?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to buy weed grinders. However, the fact that the only use they have is for grinding weed, you might be suspected of smoking weed if a law enforcement authority sees you with it in an area where weed is illegal. Basically, buying a grinder or possessing it is not illegal but smoking or possessing weed might be illegal in some areas so you better watch out for that.

3. How many different types of grinders are there?

There are two-piece grinders which have just the top and the bottom with teeth on them where the weed has to get grinded in the same chamber, there are three-piece grinders where the grinded weed falls on to the second chamber, and then there are four-piece grinders where the grinded weed falls to the second chamber while the kief falls down to the fourth chamber.

4. Which is the best weed grinder for me?

This depends on your needs – how much weed you are going to grind, how sticky and how rough the weed is, as well as how much you are willing to spend on a grinder. You also need to see if you really need a grinder which separates kief from the rest of the weed – based on these factors you need to decide the grinder that would best suit your needs. 

5. What are some things you should look for before you buy a weed grinder?

There are a number of things that need to be considered before you buy a grinder for grinding your weed. You need to make sure that your grinder has sharp teeth and is easily cleanable too. Factors such as the size of the weed grinder as well as the number of compartments in it are also quite important for growers. We have given detailed information about these factors that you might want to consider in our buyer’s guide section above.

6. How to clean weed grinders?

While weed grinders basically make your life easy – the hardest part of having a weed grinder is when it comes to cleaning it. This is hard because weed (especially when fresh) is often very sticky and can stick on to the teeth as well as to the sides of the grinder. If you don’t clean it when it is still fresh, it will become hard to scrape later on. Use a hard toothbrush along with salt or isopropyl alcohol which will help the weed that might be stuck on to the teeth slide off with relative ease. However, don’t sweat too much over it if you’re not able to clean it and order a new grinder if you’re having trouble cleaning it as grinders tend to be quite inexpensive in any case.


We hope that by this point in the article, you have a pretty decent idea not just about the best weed grinders in 2021, but about everything that you need to know about grinders. We hope that over the course of this article, you have gained a much better insight into weed grinders – their benefits, as well as the different types of grinders that there are. The FAQs section also answers a lot of questions that stoners might have about weed grinders. Do let us know in the comments below or drop us an email if you think we have missed out on something or if there’s something more that you would like to know about when it comes to weed grinders! 

Happy Growing! 🙂


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